Resource Review: The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic
In the past two years there has been an insane increase in various online resources for bloggers, freelancers & creatives. There are SO MANY options that it makes my head spin. Which one to choose?  
Should I buy a book?
Should I buy an eBook?
Oh, maybe an audiobook?
Or an eCourse?
Once you've decided on the form the questions continue - should I pick the free one? The expensive one? The one that everyone's talking about? The one no one ever mentions (who knows, it could be one of those best kept secrets, right?). The one that I've written? (that's a YES right there, obviously!) Resource Review is a new series of posts on Cityscape Bliss where I'll study these resources one by one & will give you an honest review on whether they are worth your while or whether you should give them a pass.


Resource Review: The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic
📓 What's this eBook about?
This eBook is written by Ana from The She Approach who managed to grow her blogging empire from 0 to 30,000 views in less than 6 months. All this whilst studying full-time & empowering other bloggers on the way! You already know that I regard Ana's work very highly - she always comes up with something beyond clever & is always on top of current social media trends. I mean - if you're not subscribed to her newsletter yet, where have you been?! Do it here, it's FREE!

This eBook (all incredible 100 pages of it!) is an excellent all-rounder - it takes you through pretty much every single aspect of blogging you can think of:

💎 setting up your domain
💎 choosing your host
💎 blog design
💎 installing & understanding Google Analytics
💎 creating high value content
💎 self-promotion
💎 Pinterest
💎 Twitter
💎 building your mailing list 
💎 & so much more!
Boosting Your Blog Traffic is an incredibly thorough & detailed guide which will allow you to speed up your blog growth like nothing else! 
On top of all this in-depth knowledge you're also getting a heap of extras - 65 Facebook groups for bloggers, 65 places to promote your blog checklist, access to Ana's amazing resource library and recommendations on which automation tools are the most efficient ones to use.  

📓 Who is it for?
Despite this being the most in-depth eBook on blogging I've read so far - absolutely overflowing with factual information, tips & tricks and experience - it's written in a very simple from-one-friend-to-another language which doesn't leave you feeling overwhelmed and swamped. It's absolutely perfect for bloggers who are just starting and want to get it spot on right from Day 1 but it's also ideal for those who have had their blog for a couple of years but are still feeling like there's something missing - be it the courage to self-promote the hell out of your content (it can sometimes feel a bit cheeky to do that, doesn't it?) or mastering your Pinterest strategy. This book doesn't over promise by any means - it doesn't say you'll triple your traffic, you'll quadruple your followers - but it will most definitely boost your online presence no matter what level you're at at the moment.

📓 Value vs Cost
This eBook is currently available for $25 (£20) $21 (only £16!!! - that's a couple of sandwiches from W H Smith!) as a part of Ana's June flash sale! Use 'JUNEPROMO' at the checkout! I've seen so many eCourses that retail for hundreds of pounds (I wish I was joking!) and contain but a fraction of the information that's in this book.

BONUS!! You now get 2 months of Tailwind for FREE (or $30 off annual subscription!) when you buy this eBook!

Grab a FREE chapter of this book HERE before committing that tenner - or you know, just bloody get it NOW because what are a few stale sandwiches compared to a well of blogging knowledge?!

Resource Review: The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic

Resource Review: The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic
💭 This blog post contains an affiliate link which means I get a couple of pennies if you do decide to buy the product via the link I've included (oh why thank you if you do!) however that makes absolutely no difference to this review - I'm genuinely gobsmacked how much invaluable information has been squeezed into this eBook!