6 blogs I've actually read in February 2017
Another month, another set of 6 blogs that have been making my heart skip a beat every time a new post comes up! I'm still very much faithful to the blogs I was reading in December and in January (scroll down to see which ones they are) but I may have fallen in love with a couple blogs I discovered in February. They are all pretty damn awesome - visually, textually & with wonderful strong personalities behind them!


🐝 Don't Cramp My Style (explore it here)
I ain't a huge fan of pink but Anna's pink kingdom over at Don't Cramp My Style always brightens up my day. Her cheerful personality shines through her blog posts as much as it does through her home decor. She's such a creative soul - you can tell how much time and work goes into every single piece of content she creates. And she says it how it is. I must not forget to mention that she has the cutest kitties in the world - and they are so sassy! You can read what Anna would & wouldn't miss in life right here.

🐝 Alex & Mike (find it here)
I rarely read men's fashion blogs because, ya know - I ain't a bloke. But Alex & Mike (two gentlemen from Philadelphia) write about everything - from skincare to interior decor and recipes. I love the way they edit their photos - it gives their blog this film-like sophisticated feel that seems to match their personalities so well. And we share love for the same pumpkin face mask (see their review here) so it's a no brainer!

🐝 Makeup Savvy (read more here)
I've been reading Fee's blog for years. And I mean YEARS. If anyone in the world has the perfect skill for beauty flatlay then it's hands down Fee. She creates bloody magic with her props! Sometimes I even wonder whether some of the people who do marketing for the products she takes pictures of just sit there & weep quietly because she's doing a way better job than they are. Fee also writes bad-ass posts about the blogging world - her recent constructive critique of changes on Bloglovin' is spot-on. Catch up here.

🐝 Where the Pretty Things Are (start here)
Recently I've been enjoying interacting with bloggers through Facebook groups and one particularly brilliant thing that this has brought to my life is the amount of new blogs to read, new lives to discover. Lydia is a lifestyle blogger from Wisconsin and her photography skills are like nothing I've seen before. My favourite are her make-up & outfit posts - she looks like the happiest person in the world - that kind of happiness that's super contagious, even through photographs. Just look at that sunshine - click here!

🐝 Vogue Haus (browse through her posts here)
Barbora writes both in Czech & English (good news, ay!) - what catches your eye though is her absolutely flawless fashion sense. It does help that she has got those never-ending legs, but just look at those gorgeous over the knee boots, perfectly tailored cuts and handbags that just came off a designer catwalk. I'm particularly smitten by the way Barbora chooses her colour palette - look at this outfit!

🐝 Cocochic (chop, chop - this way)
I'd be well surprised if you didn't know Steph's blog or at least her YouTube channel. I love watching her one-brand-make-up challenges and reading about her bargain fashion buys - like this post where she writes about a damn gorgeous Chloe Faye dupe she found! If you watch her videos you know that Steph's dead funny but she's also super knowledgable when it comes to make-up and can really pick up on nuances between products that might seem almost identical at first glance - be it the texture of liquid lipsticks or drugstore foundations, she's pretty spot on!

Which blogs have you been reading this month?
And which blogs have made you go straight for that Bloglovin heart?

6 blogs I've actually read in February 2017


6 blogs I've actually read 6 blogs I've actually read 6 blogs I've actually read