How your blog can add value to your reader's life
Why do you read blogs?
Especially if you're a blogger yourself - grab a pen and a piece of paper and scribble down 5 reasons that are sitting at the top of your brain right now. Why do you keep coming to your favourite blogs, scrolling frantically through their archives, admiring their photos with glazed over dreamy eyes? Why are you here, reading these lines right now? Is it inspiration, is it motivation, is it your daily reading fix? Is it the facts, the tutorials, the sense of belonging they give you? The relatability, the witty jokes, the passion it sparks in you?

Whatever it is you've just jotted down on the paper in front of you - that's the essence of blogging. That's the secret formula to blog posts that get thousands of hits and your readers tell their friends about them over a cuppa and a croissant. Don't get me wrong - it ain't all that easy. This is deemed as a very controversial question which many bloggers answer with 'I write whatever I want to write about because this is my blog' - and that is completely correct. However if you're not journaling for yourself and yourself only, your ultimate blogging goal is building a readership. And what easier way to find out what they want to read than stepping into their shoes!
Write what you want to read


✏️️ Teach something new

I'm pretty sure you're damn good at something. Anything - making flower baskets, painting your nails, painting Easter eggs, pairing ankle boots with cute skirts, reading 100 books a month, repairing old watches, playing the Ukulele. Whatever your talent is share it with your readers! Throw in some basic SEO practices and your content will open up to the whole world through the mighty Google. Be it a DIY tutorial, a tips & tricks post or just a good old recipe for your favourite pie - learning new things will never get old and people will always search for new pieces of information!

✏️️ Share your story

Hashtag relatable. Haha. Yeah. But really - this is a really strong one. Every day life fills us with shovelfuls of doubt and self-questioning. Are we this, are we that, do we look like this, do we sound like that, why has this happened to me, am I the only person in the world who does this, has anyone else experienced this? Sharing an experience - good or bad - will help your readers feel like they're not alone. You're in it with them. Because behind that screen covered in foundation finger prints, behind those perfect swirly fonts and bunches of pink peonies there's a real person.

✏️️ Support, empower & encourage

And when you're sharing your story don't ever forget how strongly your words can resonate with others. Especially if the story you're sharing has a negative connotation (a struggle with your mental health, or that time that everything in your life went tits up) try to end up on a positive note. Draw the best out of your experience and encourage others to learn from it with you. Offer solutions that have worked for you, encourage everyone to take that leap (be it that skirt purchase or an ambition they've been chasing). You might even ask for help yourself and allow your readers to support you in return.

✏️️ Share useful resources

Another way to create content that adds value is sharing useful resources. This can be in the form of linking to other blogs, articles or websites that can provide more information - or a different point of view on what you're writing about. It can also take form of internal linking to some of your older content that's relevant to the reader. Or you can go all out and create a checklist to go with your content - just like Ana from The She Approach has created a Pinterest Affiliate Checklist to go with this post. And don't forget the oldest way of sharing useful information - your good old reviews of products! Lipstick reviews, car reviews, fish-tank reviews - they all makes for some damn good useful resources, ones that you'll truly appreciate when you've been saved from a painful heart-stopping purchase.

✏️️ Spark inspiration & interest

Creating unique content that's outside the box will give your reader the ultimate inspiration boost. Curate a gift guide of Etsy gift ideas that you haven't seen anywhere else. Put together an outfit that's miles apart from what they featured in this month's Harper's Bazaar. Talk about controversial topics, or hobbies that not many people have. Talk about that little town you've visited in summer - the one that you believe everyone in the world should put it on their bucket list. Give your readers ideas they never even knew existed!

✏️️ Share an insight

Do you know something that seems like a highly guarded secret to the rest of the world? Tell us! I've never been to the London Fashion Week. I've never swam with dolphins. Hell, I've never made a Vermicelli Kheer and in fact I have no idea what it is or why it exists (you can find the answer in this post by Brittany from The Almost Indian Wife). What is that new restaurant in your town like? And what is it like to live in a country you were not born in? There's only one of you out there in this Universe of ours and I'm damn sure you have a unique insight into something I have a zero clue about and chances are I will never try or experience myself.

Now don't get me wrong - not every single post of yours needs to be booming with value at first glance. But trust me, it's there. Sharing your recent purchases from Boots will inspire and allow your readers to broaden their knowledge without leaving their sofa. Showing them around your house will spark their curiosity. Setting goals and reaching your ambitions will kick your reader's butt to do the same. But once you've typed up your post always ask yourself:

Would YOU want to read that?

What are your favourite posts to read? 
Do you enjoy being inspired, encouraged or perhaps learning new things?

I hope you've found this helpful and if so then please do share this post with your readers & fellow bloggers!
Sharing is caring and all that!

6 ways to add value to your reader's life (& give them content they want to read)