7 ways to build your fashion boutique
Fashion is a fast-paced industry but, within its boundaries, you can create a niche all of your own. Do it properly, and people will travel to buy your items and get the look that you have worked so hard to create. For many customers who stock their boutiques with wholesale clothing, they have realised that in order to build a reputation, they need to present quality items in such a way, that they customers instantly fall in love with what they stock. If you think that this is only attainable by well-known designers and brands, take a look at these seven top tips for making your fashion boutique stand out…

#1 Get noticed

This, you would think, is something that you are already doing and, in some ways, this may be correct. However, to build a must-go fashion boutique, you need to be seen in the right places by the right people.
This is about becoming elitist but about being pickier with where you advertise and how you promote yourself. Look further afield and see if there are any other opportunities that you could hook on to, to raise awareness of your fashion boutique.

#2 Partner with a fashion blogger

The online world is full of potential partners and fashion bloggers are great people to get to know.
Spend some time looking around online to find the bloggers whose audience are your customers – and then start to make contact.
Remember, the partnership should be a mutually beneficial one; the blogger gets to promote certain fashions or item on their blog, and you get to reach a wider and bigger audience. Match this with some great discounts of customers who find you through the blog and everyone’s a winner!

#3 Tell a story

All too often, clothes chops are bland and boring. Littered with mannequins with poorly fitting clothes, mostfashion stores are row upon row of items on hangers.
For a moment, look at the interior of your store – what’s the backdrop? Does it show the clothes off, or does it do nothing?
How are your clothes arranged? Is it a logical order – tops grouped together, and then trousers etc.? Or is it more exciting?
Change your store around. Pair things together that you wouldn’t normally do, make suggestions, make it more on-trend and different. Make it quirky.

#4 Mingle

In effect, by teaming up with fashion bloggers you have started to mingle – but online – now you need to be super-brave and mingle offline, with real people!
Why not host an evening event at your store (or more than one)? When there is a season change, there is undoubtedly some new fashions and trends making their way to the high street. Encouraging people to get the latest fashions before anyone else is a great way of bringing people into your store and creating a buzz about it.
It doesn’t have to be a fashion show, just an opportunity to see what you have and securing a lovely discount for buying on the night, and a further reduction when they buy again within the next month etc. There are all kinds of ideas and any on-trend fashionista loves an evening of shopping, with a glass of bubbly in their hand too.

#5 Get online social too

Fashion bloggers, invite-only shopping events and now, social media events too! Consumers are not only online on your website (hopefully!) but they will also be more than likely active on social media too.
As your following increases – and to boost following – online competitions or discounts are a great way to interact with fans and making your fashion boutique the place to go.

#6 Listen and talk…

We’ve talked a lot about mingling and conversing with people but it is important you monitor the conversations too. Check out what people are saying online – what are they loving about the new season and what are they not keen on? Thus, as you trawl around for wholesale clothing, you can nab the best for your customers.

#7 Offer solutions

You know how you see something fashionable and think, I couldn’t wear that, I’m too small/tall/busty/hippy etc. why not offer solutions to people but suggesting how some of the latest styles could be worn?
You can do this with a display in the shop, a window dressing or photos posted online on your website or social media.
Running a fashion boutique is a great business to be in. With a few tweaks here and there, your place could be the place to go!

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