Henry Holland & Habitat Party
...and you can have a clink clink (another drink) with Mr Holland himself and sit on comfy ultra modern Habitat chairs and there will be big fancy spot lights and at least a table full of canapes. Oh, I forgot to tell ya when & where it is right? Sorry, I got distracted by the plain awesomeness of Henry Holland, the big cheese in the world of fashion (and nails, especially those beautiful nails, oh how obsessed I am with those!) collaborating with Habitat, the home decor specialist which makes all your Pinterest dreams come true (yeah, IKEA is so yesterday). Okay, back to when & where will be these once in a lifetime fireworks going off.

When? Wednesday 27th April 2016
Where? London  

How do you get to go? Well, first of all you must be my friend. Haha, naah, jokes. For the chance to win two VIP tickets to the swankiest launch party of the year all you need to do is tweet #winhenry +HabitatUK & tag name of the friend you'd like to go with. For more info click HERE

Now, let me think who should be my plus one - if I win, that is - crosses fingers, toes, and legs in a yogi eagle style. So, I would definitely take someone from the blogging community because they tend to moan significantly less when you ask them to take 428504820 pictures of you and I feel like I would like to have at least a gazillion pictures with Henry Holland. Don't judge me okay, you know you would too.

I would perhaps take Hayley from Strangeness & Charm (click here to see her blog) because she travels a lot and seems pretty independent - that is a valuable attribute for travelling around London, that is. Hayley also seems quite in touch with her quirky goth side which is something Henry could appreciate - I can imagine she would be wearing a deep berry lipstick and a pin badge with a cat licking its bum (as per this post). Ha! Yeah, I think she would make a quality company!

Or Amy from A Little Boat Sailing (read her blog here)? I've only met Amy once and as soon as I started waving at her (a little too vigorously, I admit), she turned away. Not that I'm surprised, I sometimes do have that effect on people, oops! Although Amy is not what you'd call an interior blogger, you can tell by her perfectly clean cut photographs and her ability to arrange flowers & face masks into the most beautiful set ups that her home will be just as lovely.

Oh, but if Kat from Katherine-Louise (find her blog here) was up for a date, then I'd be in too! We could talk cats whilst on the tube - have you seen her little Bee? The classiest of cats if you ask me. Just look at the pouty stare here, if that's not a judging look then I don't know! Whats more - that girl eats her breakfast in bed. Off a fancy chopping board tray (proof here). You won't get more Habitat than that even if you tried! And she's pretty on trend - Kat's most recent post about thinking outside of the box (here) says it all.

Well, I should really take Terri (read Terri's blog Hello Terri Lowe here), shouldn't I? After all she comes to visit me every now & then because she's the grown up one in this relationship - with a car & a reasonable decision making ability. Tara T Lowe! She's also the most fundamentalist goth in heart with a dash of Orla Kiely and a perchant for dead men's shoes (true story, I will never forget when she showed me her favourite shoes and followed it by a story how it probably belonged to some dead man). I'm pretty sure Henry would appreciate that and maybe even scrap the whole collection and make a new one inspired by Terri. That means that I would get a share of the sales right? Because I introduced them. Right?!

Who would YOU take with ya to the House of Holland x Habitat launch party in London?
 Tweet #winhenry +HabitatUK & tag name of the friend you'd like to go with for a chance to actually go!!