Quick breakfast
Breakfasts are not my strong point and the main reason is that I just don't have time for them. Why would I have 30 minutes shorter morning bed time just to have breakfast at home when I can grab something in Greggs in the morning on my way to work? Well, there are reasons which I could possibly deem valid but it would be very hard to convince me to change my habits for them. The only way I can possibly eat my breakfast at home is that the said breakfast takes less than say 2 minutes. Let's see what I've been able to cook up in less than 2 minutes then!

Greek yoghurt & fruit
Yup, the Instagram-induced breakfast. Any sort of bowl with fruit is apparently hip now so I thought why not give it a try - and yes, turns out it takes about 50 seconds to serve this deliciousness (okay, it's only delicious if you put a ton of honey on top, but ya know - healthy and all). Very simple, very versatile. Thumbs up.

I used to love making smoothies for breakfast but then I went off them and never managed to get back. They cured my tummy pains though so might give them a go again as my tummy hasn't been feeling its best (that's what work stress and nightmares about drowning kittens do to me, bah!). To speed these up you can even prepare your fruit the night before and put it in the fridge overnight. Simples!

I'm cheating here a little bit because these are actually pre-made but you can technically eat them at home rather than scoffing them on the way to work. The Nakd bars from Natural Balance Foods have been my favourite lately (I have gone off the Cliff ones because they are just too sweet if you keep on eating them every other day, meh!). And did you know that the Nakd bars come in flavours such as gingerbread, caffe mocha and pecan pie? YAH! And they are apparently super good for ya - you can read more about them and other energy foods here.

Bread & cheese/pate
This is such a Czech breakfast choice - a slice of bread (ideally a continental loaf) with some sort of savory spread - maybe cheese or pate. The best Central/Eastern European energy boost for the morning. 

Croissants with ham & cheese
Very Parisian-esque but also super quick. Slice a croissant open, insert a slice of ham and a slice of cheese, off to work you go. It's that easy - and you can even eat it on the train and not look like a tit. You're welcome. 

Do you eat breakfast in the morning?
What's your favourite go to breakfast in autumn?