I've struggled with bras my whole life. I just don't like the shapes, I don't like the wires, I don't like the materials. They are itchy, they are uncomfortable, they are a big pain in the bum, if you ask me. But without them it's even worse - just the sound of words 'saggy boobage' makes my skin crawl. Nah. The ultimate solution to my trouble came in the form of the triangle bra trend. The only trend that I've been embracing since it first entered the market, the only trend that I'm willing to dedicate my whole life to. Triangle bras all the way!

Sporty triangle bras
The simplest and most common of the triangle bra tribe is the sporty one. We've all seen them - they are usually black, white or grey (the on-daily-basis-wearable ones), usually made of soft material, no fastening at the back, just the old boring pull-over (and get stuck in it like a tart) type. They're not bad, they’re quite alright - but they won't sweep you of your feet.  

Lace triangle bras
Oh, the fanciness of lace triangle bras! For Love & Lemons is the epitome of lace paradise. Their bras (or any lace triangle bras for that matter) look like they’ve been spun by hundreds of little spider fairies. In fact I dare say that DIYing a lace triangle bra yourself isn’t such a difficult thing to do – there’s a lot of tutorials which I’ve been wanting to try – one of them being this one for instance. I just wish high street lingerie shops caught up with the trend faster as there’s definitely a gap in the market right there!   

CK triangle bras
Now the fancy shmancy alternative to the comfort of sporty triangle bras with the aesthetics of the lace ones are Calvin Klein triangle bras (ideally with matching knickers!). There’s an element of 1990’s boyish sexiness to them which looks damn stunning when paired with boyfriend jeans and a crisp white shirt or a tee. As you can see I’ve become somewhat of a collector of triangle bras (but they are so comfy – no wires no trouble, right?). My most recent addition is the grey CK bra from House of Fraser (they are sometimes hard to get your hands on and people sell them ridiculously overpriced on platforms such as Depop and E-Bay – so browse their range of bras!).

How do you feel about the triangle bra trend?

Do you find it flattering or too much nip revealing?