Fitness inspiration
From pin-ups to the 1980's lycra-clad sexbombs we have never stopped admiring the bods of the past. We envy the sharp bone structures of the 1920's, the curves of the 1950's, the gymnastic skills of the 1980's. This all comes with the modern era where we are just a little too greedy and want everything all at once, no matter how much willpower and sweat it takes. Back in the day, it seemed a little simpler, a little more fun. People were all striving for a similar lifestyle - they listened to the at-the-time-pop music, exercised to it (just as much as it required to stay fit, no more, unless you were a professional that is), they had fun! What do we have now - zumba and Insanity? No, thank you. I'd rather take inspiration from the century just gone and make my fitness routine as much fun as possible! Here are 5 tips from the 20th century fitness routines

 Trim twist - the ultimate hip & abs exercise machine
In the 1960's it was all about the slim figure - and that's what the Trim twist gives ya - all the focus is on making your hips, abs and thighs a little musclier than they are normally. I remember when my mum used to use hers back in the early 1990's - I never understood the understated board which makes you look like you're constantly dancing to Rock'n'Roll music whilst watching Step by Step and Dallas on telly. Now I get the awe of the twist board! You get can a modern version of Trim twist from Amazon for less than a tenner (here), did ya know?

✓ It's about how you carry yourself  
Doesn't matter which era we're looking it - women enjoyed looking pretty and carrying themselves high even when getting sweaty. Be it the matching neon sweatbands on your wrists, head and ankles or the beautiful figure forming swimsuits & bikinis of pin-up girls. Can you imagine a 1930's beaut in bloody sweatpants?! Bah, never! I reckon they didn't even know what the hideous thing called sweats was back in the day. 

 Hula hooping your way to the perfect summer bod
This is definitely my type of exercise - I dare say that hula hoops were one of my favourite 'toys' back when I was a little rascal. Hula hoop exercises are so versatile - it's not just about your hips and abs, you can also exercise your neck, arms and legs - even the whole body if you adhere to a complex exercise routine. And all that while feeling like a circus acrobat!  

✓ Spartakiads
Now a little travel back in history of Czechoslovakia. Spartakiads were a communist invention however that does not make them any less breath-taking. They were basically mass gymnastics events for the whole nation. People would dress up in the same outfits wearing the 'trainers' above and doing a lot of synchronized exercises from acrobatics on the hoops to synchronized fabric ribbon performances. I can imagine for us today this all sounds absolutely surreal but I'm sure there is a lot of fitspo to be taken from the 1950's & 1960's in the Eastern block.   

 1980's & 1990's - the supermodel era & VHS exercises 
Yeah, that's right - I said VHS exercises. As soon as VHS became a thing, people delved into the world of at home in front of your telly fitness routines. The herd was led by the stars of television & magazines at the time - the likes of Cindy Crawford showing you how to stretch your bod on the beach and Jane Fonda jumping to the beat of disco. Why are people so madly attracted to the Insanity workouts when they could just jump around to their favourite music?!     

Oh, and don't forget to watch this video to see all the different exercise eras!
Which one is your favourite?