I've been enchanted by the & Other Stories brand since first seeing their products in Youtube hauls and all over the fashion and beauty blogs as soon as they first launched in the UK. It's the simplicity and the uniformity of the design of their products that is so appealing, I think - it's this what makes the brand stand out amongst all the others who are going to the opposite side of the branding spectrum attaching jingles to mascaras and fake lashes to packaging of fake lashes. Apart from snatching up a pair of beautiful wedges from TKMaxx a few weeks back I also had the chance to try some of their beauty treats - finally! 

Cheek & lip tints (& Other Stories, £12)
Let's not focus on the pretty packaging just for a minute and let's appreciate the product itself, shall we? In my time I have tried a fair amount of cream blushers (which is what these essentially are) - and I have always been a strong defender of the Topshop ones (you can read all about the blushers I've tried in the past here). Now, although Topshop make-up has just hit its 5 years anniversary (congrats yo!), I have to sadly admit that I have somewhat lost interest in the brand (especially in terms of colour range) over those 5 years. Saying this, the & Other Stories blushers are very similar in texture however the shades of these are quite exciting to me! I have Swivel Pink which is an almost chalky pink - very much on the brighter side, but still very flattering for brunettes, and Pucker Coral which is not particularly corally - it's more of an orangey nude which enhances tan really nicely!      

Face mist (& Other Stories, £7)
How I used to love my Balance Me face mist (read all about it here)! Nevertheless, those times are gone because I've been spritzing it so much that I used it up ridiculously quickly and now it's all gone. The & Other Stories alternative for a bargainous price is an excellent substitute! It contains a bunch of minerals which make your skin nice and plump, smells fresh and does the job A+! 

Have you tried any beauty products from & Other Stories?
What have you liked the most?