This time next week I will be packing my little suitcase for a week in Santorini! Just cannot wait! Over the past few weeks I've been slowly gathering a few summery bits and bobs - and I think the time has come to show you some of the gems I've found! This year my heart's set on fair colours, which is oh so unlike me. It's all about pale blue, pale grey and white with a pop of tan. And a lot of Bohemian silver accessories! 

The above outfit is an epitome of summer comfort to me. A pair of white ripped jeans - these are from New Look (click here) and fit absolutely perfect - even on my short stubby legs. Another great place to find nicely fitted white skinny jeans in the House of Fraser (click here). A pale blue/grey tunic-style top from Nomads Clothing (click here) which is oh so airy and comfy - it's made of cotton modal which creates a nice cooling effect against your skin. I've paired these up with THE lace up flats - you know the ones that are so trendy right now? These are actually from Light in the Box (click here) and were a bit on the cheaper side of the lace up flats side of the spectrum but that doesn't make them any less cool! The statement Bohemian necklace is from Light in the Box too (click here) - these necklaces make any outfit immediately more summery and chic. 

PS: Don't forget to check this website for latest offers & discounts you can use on your New Look orders!

Bring on the holiday! Woooooo!

What is your ultimate summer outfit this year?