I've definitely always been a mummy's girl - I guess the above picture illustrates this quite well after all (fun fact: I never knew of the picture of my Mum on the right until I took mine and Mum pointed out that she's already seen a picture like that somewhere! ha!). I'm pretty sure that everyone says this, but I do believe that my Mum's the strongest, most loving person in the whole wide world. She always, always, always puts her family before everything and everyone and does anything to make the ones around her happy. Anthropologie has challenged me to pick up with four things which remind me of my Mum and me - our similarities, our differences and I guess my 50% share of her genetic information.

Now we've made it clear that I'm Mum's carbon copy, let me tell you a few (maybe not so secret) secrets about my Mum

Czech cuisine is very different to the British one. It's full of Sunday-roast-type of dinners, dumplings, thick creamy sauces, smoked meat and sponge cakes. And Mum is seriously da cook, her Sunday roast's done by the time you've only just realized you fancy one. Magic! One of the biggest regrets of my genetic information fail is that I'm nothing like my mum when it comes to cooking. Aaah, how I wish I could make at least one bloody dumpling!  

Brownie dish & measuring spoons
My mum has got oh so very many talents but one that I admire very dearly is her love for everything blooming, growing and flourishing. Her and my Dad are always in the garden, be it summer or winter, digging holes for plants and shrubs, painting fences, watching fish in a little lake they made in the garden. Now I've moved to a larger place with a garden I've been desperately trying to make my own little flower beds - fingers crossed that once the sun starts shining a little stronger, I'll be proudly watering my daisies and forsythias.   

Floral bowl
One trait that I've successfully inherited from my Mum is the love for everything feline. My Mum's a right cat obsessed cat lady. I secretly believe that she only got me because she wanted have her very own kitty, and maybe that's why she sometimes calls me a kitten, aha! 

20 ways to draw a cat book
When I was little, my Mum would saw pretty jackets and skirts, and even knit a jumper or two for me. One moment has stayed particularly strong in my memory - when she was using her large black utility scissors to cut the cloth, the scissors would make this sharp cutting sound. Every time I can hear it, it reminds me of me sitting in our kitchen watching my mum cut up pieces of cloth for pillows cases or little skirts for me. Aaah, these are the dearest and most random childhood memories.    

Dear Mum, I'm incredibly proud to be your daughter and I honestly hope that one day I can be at least half as awesome as you are.

What are you giving your Momma on this year's Mother's Day?