The top of Ikea Expedit shelves - I love the quote 'Smile and the world smiles with you' because I'm a right grumpy git most of the time so this reminds me not to be so miserable. I also like the whiteness of the corner because it flows nicely with the white shelving.
Sometimes you can find a few home snaps here and there on this blog but today I thought I'd give it a bit more focus. Today is all about my living room and the little (usually very Pinterest inspired) ideas I've put to use. My living room in the new house (you remember this post from when I just moved to this new place?) is the only room with wooden flooring and in fact the only room which is almost finished. In comparison, my bedroom is basically just the bed and a set of drawers, boo! Now let me show you what little bits and bobs I've managed to get for the prettiest room in the house - I'm sure you'll find at least one thing to inspire you for a little spring living room remake! 

I'm genuinely obsessed with these Eames style chairs. This one is from Habitat (click here) and is even comfier than the ones I got off E-bay (see here) because it has got a built in leather cushion (click here for more Habitat chairs). I'm actually thinking about getting a new table for the kitchen and having about 4 of these chairs to go with it. That would look so bloody amazing!

I've finally found the perfect place for this little side table/tray from Habitat (click here). It's so handy and looks really lovely right next to the sofa. You can put all your crisps and a glass of red on it and watch The Notebook like a boss! 

Oh so very pretty (and trendy) wall clock on a belt - this one is from Wilkos, believe it or not, and only cost £15 (click here).

Did you know that I have a collection of about 30 vintage cameras? Yup, true story. I've started slowly bringing them over from the Czech Republic and these two are my favourite ones. I think vintage cameras make such a statement decoration and you can usually get them off E-bay or at a carboot for a couple of quid!

Finally - some of my shelves are filled with decorations rather than books - like this one. I used old Kilner jars and filled them with pretty things - from watercolour paints to Yankee tarts and tiny pegs. It looks lovely AND serves a purpose. Double win!