How time consuming it is to make your long hair look at least half decent every morning! I find it incredibly demanding and even annoying to be honest. Whilst I don't enjoy looking I just rolled out of bed, I also don't enjoy spending an hour making my birds nest look presentable. Sigh. These are the three new hair discoveries which make my mornings a little bit more bearable.   

Redken Pillow Proof dry shampoo (Look Fantastic)
You might remember this post in which I was proclaiming my love for the Umberto Ginannini dry shampoo. It's still ace, and I'm still gonna buy it over Batiste any day. Now recently I've discovered the joys of using Redken Pillow Proof though. Oh my god. I love using it so much. It's not one that would make hair which is dripping oil looking freshly washed (like the UG does) but it's fantastic for those second hair days when you think your hair should still be okay but it just looks a bit meh. Maybe you've been touching it with your hands a bit too much the day before or your fringe just looks a but sloppy. This thing is so lightweight you won't even know you've used it but the results are impressive. Thanks Terri for the introduction!   

Redken Iron Shape thermal protection (Look Fantastic)
I only have a travel size of this thermal protection spray so haven't used it that much but so far so good. It helped me get back to heat protectants because, let me tell you a secret, I've been a little naughty lately and haven't been using them as much as I should have been. Especially since I've been using the heated rollers (read here) quite a bit, oops! Have you tried any Redken products before? Did you like them?  

BaByliss Diamond waves wand (BaByliss)
Now you know how I obsessed I am with the heated rollers, but to be honest, I prefer using them in the evening rather than in the morning which means that if I don't use them in the evening and my hair is a mess when I wake up I'm facing a little trouble. At first I wasn't too impressed with the look of the BaByliss Diamond wand, I'm not gonna lie - the shape makes me giggle a little bit (yeah, yeah, I'm 15 actually). What I like about it though is that for my hair I need 5-10 mins max to curl all my hair and because of the structure of the waves (they are very messy and irregular), it doesn't matter if you miss a little strand or two - it still looks like you did an ace job! BAM! Morning sorted. 

Have you found any new hair products which you just loooove?
Tell me all about them in the comments below!