Black and white and grey

What book are you currently reading? I'm reading the The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and if you haven't read it yet, I'm telling you - get a copy right away! It's one of the most inspirational books I've ever read - not in a spiritual or aspirational sense, but in a way you understand life and your general well being. One of the key lines I picked up is that you can stretch your happiness a little further when you're life is more structured, a touch more organised, decluttered and you know, just a little bit more black & white. Here are 7 black & white (and grey) things I've been coveting this month. 

Neroli Secrets d'Essences EDP (Yves Rocher)
I'm already a proud owner of the Vanille Noire Secrets d'Essences EDP (read more here), which smells beautifully rich and sweet, so seeing more scents from the same line made my heart skip a little. I'm really intrigued by the fresh scent - apparently it's got notes of oranges and citruses with a hint of Neroli. Does sound rather tempting to me - plus there's a new Yves Rocher offer going on at the moment! Until the 23rd of February, when you shop on the Yves Rocher website, the very first product you put into your basket is for free (when you spend £15). Absolute bargain! That basically means that if you spend £15 on anything on the website, you can get this EDP for free!! Just to get you even more excited, it normally costs £52 and now has been discounted to £26. Like, for real. Yves Rocher do the best deals!  

Bohemian coin necklace (Aliexpress)
If you're following me on Pinterest you know that I've been obsessing over Bohemian summer dresses and jewellery. I adore those white crochet tank tops and white flowy dresses paired with layered Turkish silver necklaces. This one is from Aliexpress and costs something silly like £3 - a no-brainer, right? (After I've been paid, that is, erm)    

Lace bralet (Topshop)
Okay, another, this time rather expensive, obsession of mine is lace bralets. I'm currently at the point of no return - I refuse to wear standard bras in favour of lace bralets. Or at least really thin triangle bras. Which makes me super flat chested but hey, as if I care, right? At least I don't stretch my tops, ha! 

Black top (Topshop)
The reason for my love for this top is a little pretentious, I will admit that. I saw it on Barbara from The Persian Babe and I thought it looked so ridiculously elegant and made her figure even more stunning! You know, one can at least dream that it would make me look at least half as good as her. I might pop into Topshop after pay day just to try it on maybe.  

Notepads & planners (Fallindesign)
This whole happiness project inspiration really needs more organised approach - hence these beautiful notepads I found on the Fallindesign. They have loads of beautiful things (especially stationary) but these look super neat and make me feel like my brain wouldn't jitter as much if I was using these as opposed to my standard notepads with colourful covers. 

Grey trainers (New Balance)
Okay, I'm definitely not one for trainers, but I do feel like these New Balance 576 are just oh my. This is actually a cheat item on the list because you might have seen them on my Instagram last week - oops! But I haven't worn them out yet properly (only at home to walk them in because of my funny toes that can't stand any shoes at all, le sigh) and I feel like they will make me feel so much more comfortable on long shopping trips! I'm sure walking on clouds makes one a little happier, no?   

Nourish: Mind, Body & Soul (Anthropologie)
Another book. Yes. Lately I've been wanting to own all the books in the world. I bought at least 3 cookbooks in the past week and I'm pretty sure that a few more are on their way in the post. This one looks particularly appealing because it gives you some extra insight into the whole 'clean body, clean mind' approach to life, which I've been trying to embrace. And it's from Anthropologie - you know, the website that's basically one massive wishlist of mine. 

What have you been lusting over this month?