Cleansing routine
I'm a strong believer that cleansing is the part of your beauty routine that really matters. I mean - what's the point of using an eye cream if you go to bed with your mascara on, you know what I mean? It just baffles me that people still do that. We're at the age of Bioderma and facial wipes, for Christ's sake. Okay, before I start losing my shiz, this is my cleansing special - the 4 products I've been using lately, those which made my skin pretty damn happy. 

Foreo LUNA (Boots)
The first line and I'm already cheating a little - this is obviously not a product as such, it's a cleansing device. Think Clarisonic but a gentler version for sensitive skin. It doesn't seem to do much when you first use it because the silicone bristles are so tiny but in fact you can see quite a difference. The key point here is that the vibrations activate collagen in your skin which helps skin cell renewal as well as blood flow. I find it works the best with the Purity cleanser - read more about this below.  

UNT Floraison (UNT website)
On the days when my skin feels tight, especially around my nose and my cheeks, I use the UNT cleansing oil. It comes out as an oil but once you rub it in, it turns into emulsion. Works excellent for removing foundation. What I would not recommend this for is eye makeup. It burns like hell!

Banila co Clean it Zero (Peach & Lily)
This is the one for removing your eye makeup. I find it really hard to find an effective yet gentle eye makeup remover so finding this made me do a little happy dance! It's from Banila Co - a Korean makeup brand, and this particular product came in my Seoulcialite beauty box (read more here).   

Philosophy Purity cleanser (Boots)
Finally, the cleanser which I use with my Luna cleansing device. I find there's nothing particularly mind blowing about this one apart from the fact that it actually works. It works brilliantly with the Luna device because it foams up just the right amount for Luna to work effectively. It makes my skin feel super cleansed and soft to touch. 

Have you tried any of the above products?
What's your current cleansing routine?