Tweezing, waxing, and shaving all provide some form of hair removal, but none provide permanent results, and they require that the individual regularly perform hair removal to enjoy hair-free skin.  With some methods, for example waxing, this can mean an ongoing commitment with ongoing costs as well as submitting to a regular procedure that is uncomfortable, at best, and painful at worst. Tweezing and shaving, on the other hand, can give varied results while also leaving skin prone to the lumps, bumps, reddening, and soreness that tend to accompany these techniques. Laser hair removal is said to offer a permanent solution to unwanted hair. This means a lifetime of hair-free skin, even in some of the most problematic areas, and it means that patients will not have to undergo regular torturous waxing sessions or endure the tell-tale redness that accompanies some of the more manual techniques.

Is laser hair removal permanent for all hair colours and skin types?
During laser hair removal treatment, concentrated light is aimed at the hair follicles that the patient wants treated. The follicles absorb the light, and this caused enough damage to prevent the hair from growing again in the future. There are a number of factors that will determine the effectiveness of treatment, and that will ultimately determine how many visits are required to ensure the best possible results. 
The laser is absorbed better by dark hair follicles, and a trained specialist will usually recommend against using this type of treatment on lighter hair colours. Similarly, darker skin tones are prone to absorbing the light before they can reach the hair follicles, but a trained laser technician will analyse a patient’s skin and hair type, and perform a patch test to determine the efficacy of the treatment.

Is laser hair removal permanent after a single session?
For these reasons, patients are advised not to tan their skin, or apply fake tan, before a session. What’s more, laser removal is most effective when it is conducted on follicles during the growth cycle, and this is one of the reasons that patients typically need to return for a series of sessions. A single session will not usually give the desired results, and hair growth may resume in the future.
Patients, and potential patients, should also be aware that the initial lasering leaves pores and follicles open, which initially encourages growth. For the first few days, the results of laser hair removal may not be noticeable but, over time, the hairs will stop growing and will give the desired results. Further sessions will help to eradicate any additional follicles, ensure that all the follicles have been treated, and give a uniform finish.

Ensuring the best results using modern techniques
Early laser techniques had mixed results, and a big part of the problem was that the technique was used by clinics and individuals that had not received the appropriate training. These clinics would perform the treatment on any patients, regardless of the likelihood of success, as long as they were willing to pay, and little proper research had been conducted into the most effective processes.
At The Laser Treatment Clinic we advise that clients shave just before, or the day before, treatment. Our trained technicians consult with all potential clients, and we are honest about the likelihood that laser treatment will work. As a result, we have been performing this form of hair removal treatment for 15 years at our Harley Street clinic, and we have not had a patient return for hair removal on the same area of skin yet.