There are two nail polish colours that anyone can wear. Anyone. Even if your nails are bitten and short (like mine). Even if you're wearing an all black outfit. Even if you're wearing a rainbow. Even if you're staying in your PJs whole day. Those two colours are pale French pink and red. Any of those 5489367245 shades of red nail polish that exist. But hey - these are the top 5 red nail polishes I adore the most.

⇢ Joan Collins in Crystal (Joan Collins Beauty, £13)
⇢ Dior in 999 Red Royalty (Selfridges, £18.50
⇢ Essie in Twin Sweater Set (Amazon, £5.47)
⇢ Essie in Hip-Anema (Amazon, £5.95)
⇢ Essie in Lacquered Up (Boots, £7.99)

And yes, I do have a slight incling to Essie nail polishes, that's just the way the world is.

What's your favourite red nail polish at the moment?