Hey you, welcome to our new home! How exciting is that?! I'm still in a state of quasi-trans, waking up in the middle of the night not knowing where I am. We live in a house! Whuuuut!! It's a rented house but a house nonetheless and we've painted it, we've scrubbed it and we've burnt a dozen of Yankee wax tarts to make it feel mega homey. Oh, and look how happy this little face is - not only that he goes for a walks in the garden (yaaah, we have un jardin!), he sits on a different window sill every half an hour, he performs intricate skid manoeuvres on the wooden flooring and racing with you up and down the stairs. 

Today I've taken a few snaps of pretty cosy corners in our new home which I'd like you to see as I'm rather proud of them! So enter in - our new home! My most favourite new (and old) additions to the place are the Eames Eiffel chair - it only cost about £35 off E-bay, can you bloody believe that?! And even though it's made of hard plastic, it's ridiculously comfortable! Every evening I snuggle up in blankets and watch American Horror Story on Netflix, ha! Another piece I'm absolutely in love with are our new candle holders from French Bedroom - the stag heads on them are so intricate and detailed and add a bit of a posh touch to the place. At the moment we're keeping them next to the fireplace but eventually they'll sit proudly on a coffee table (once we find a nice one). I also love the cat teepee my mum made for Cookie - it looks much more majestic on the wooden flooring compared to where it was in the flat (see here). Do I even need to justify why I love my phrenology head & hand and for some rather freaky picture of Frida Kahlo? Hell no! They're just plain awesome!

Can't wait to show you more of our cosy haven once we've done it up a little bit more!

basket: Magical Story // tartan blanket: Buy a Kilt

shelf: IKEA // kitty: flea market // candle jar: IKEA

candle holders: French Bedroom // church candles: TKMaxx

owl: from Terri // lantern: IKEA // plant pot & plant: IKEA

cat teepee: made by my mum // Eames Eiffel chair: E-bay // fur, shelf & blanket: IKEA // turntable: Globus (CZ)

happy fish: Pets at Home:)

hand soap: TKMaxx // basket to hide all our crap: TKMaxx

candle: TKMaxx // vase: Asda // globe money box: E-bay

tray: E-bay

phrenology head: Asda // phrenology hand: TKMaxx // clipboard: IKEA // Frida: E-bay // bowl: flea market