The year 2014 has been a year of a mere style discovery and wardrobe rework for me. I'd like to think that 2015 will be the year of cementing my style habits and maybe finding the right equilibrium between quality & quantity. Don't you sometimes get exhausted by just the thought of shopping? Hell I do! You finally find your perfect black trousers in a high street shop and you know what? I can bet that they will fall apart after a few washes. This is the law of consumerism. Planned obsolescence - that's an actual term for this built-in aspect of things being made just to break. This year I'd like to find style basics which will last. Not forever, doh - just long enough for me not to go out shopping for a white vest top every other week.

These are a few points which I've learnt over the past year:

My first advice is - buy only pieces which fit you. Isn't that obvious, I hear you ask. Well, it isn't. I've bought so many pieces thinking I lose weight for them, or I have them altered. Or they'll just look better in a different light. Or: it doesn't really matter, it's a vest and I'll wear it under other tops anyways! Wrong, wrong, wrong. Think again.  

Not only that your basics need to fit comfortably - hence the shape & cut, your basics also need to be made from a good quality material. This does not necessarily mean just 100% wool from organically fed sheep living in Himalaya mountains drinking triple Brita filtrated water. This means material which is appropriate for each individual basic - so don't buy a vest top made of 100% polyester because it won't feel nice against your skin. A great example is the white long sleeved top I'm wearing today - it's ridiculously comfortable and the loose scoop neck reminds me of the classic French basics which you can see on models in French Vogue (posing in a French bedroom with a plate of colourful French macaroons on hand). Another example - I have a poorly foot (some torn soft tissue or whatnot) and wearing thin-soled flats feels like walking on glass shards. Gettin' yourself some decent footwear (like the black slip-ons I'm wearing) is fundamental not just for your style but also for your health.  

Some pieces are worth splurging on a little - a crisp white shirt, a fitted black top, a perfectly fitting nude bra. Some pieces - although they might look very plain and basic - in fact are not fundamental for your wardrobe and you can save yourself a few pennies. Take the white blazer in the picture - it is a fairly basic blazer however it's got double row button fastening and is rather oversized. Not your standard classic - hence I didn't mind spending just a tenner on it considering I might not even like it a few months on. 

Although my argument is spending slightly more on good quality basics rather than less on average or even poor piece, a pricey item doesn't necessarily mean it's of high quality. Always take the brand aspect into consideration - you're looking for quality, not just a label.   

And the final - yet absolutely crucial question. Do you love it? Because if you just like it, then put it back. 

How do you feel about brands selling clothes with built in expiry date?

Photography credit: my blogger bud Terri from Hello Terri Lowe (ta Tee!) - check out the pictures I took of her here, she looks verrrry purrrdy in her velvet dress, muhaaha!

blazer: Primark (sale!) // top: American Vintage via Repertoire Fashion (c/o) // trousers: New Yorker // slip ons: ASH Foorwear via Repertoire Fashion (c/o) // handbag: Aliexpress // necklace: H&M