Birmingham New Street Wagamama
You know the happy skip your heart makes when you find 'your' favourite eating out place? Yeah, that! So that happened basically as soon as I found out that they were opening a new Wagamama's in Birmingham (read more here). And it's not just anywhere in Birmingham - it's on New Street! For those who are not familiar with the city - New Street is the main shopping street, and it's right in front of your nose as soon as you get off the train at New Street station. Genius. Especially for a lazy bum like me!

If you've been a reader of Cityscape Bliss for a while you might remember the first time I went to Wagamama's. Back in June I went to Wagamama's at Brindley Place (which is also in Birmingham, right on the canal) and I fell in love. I've been in (even if just for a fresh juice) several times since and I've always thoroughly enjoyed it. The food is delicious, the staff is super friendly and the prices are pocket-friendly for the level of food goodness you're getting!

Now the new Wagamama on New Street did not disappoint one bit! The cuisine is modern Japanese-inspired & mega fresh. As soon as you sit down at your table you're tempted by fresh juices which are basically the most amazing, mouthwatering drink ever - I had zesty lime which is a limited edition (no, no, no!) which is made of apples, cucumber, lime and mint. I also had some gyoza as a starter - fried duck dumplings with dipping sauce. They were so bloody amazing - although I do have to say I have a soft spot for any dumplings - be it the Czech ones, British ones or won tons, mmm dumplings. Then I carried on satisfying my noodle cravings with two different noodle dishes which were oh so tasty. And even though my tum was literally football sized at that point, I went on and ordered a dessert. Right greedy bastard, ay! I had the coconut ice cream sprinkled with coconut shavings and passion fruit sauce drizzle. I'm not even making it up, that's what that heavenly dessert was. And it was absolutely delightful! I swear to God, I had trouble walking those 10 steps down the street to the train station because I felt like a right greedy Pooh bear.

To sum it up, all I need to say is this:

If you haven't tried Wagamama's then we urge you to go. Your life won't ever be the same after tasting their ramen, pad thai and banana katzu!

You can find out more about Wagamama's here.

For those who have been - what's your favourite Wagamama dish? Tell me! 

Birmingham New Street WagamamaBirmingham New Street WagamamaBirmingham New Street WagamamaBirmingham New Street WagamamaBirmingham New Street WagamamaBirmingham New Street WagamamaBirmingham New Street Wagamama