Classic marble
'Your phone case looks really heavy!' [Hahahaaa, that's funny. Not.] 

That's something you will have to put up if you get a marble effect phone case, but hey - it's so damn pretty that it's worth it! Classic black & white marble is such a statement pattern and it's oh so on trend right now. Just go on pinterest and I can promise you that you will be able to marble-DIY your whole life. From your kitchen to an envelope and back. Hold on. BRB

People like feelin' rich and pompous, even though their lives might be less than ordinary. Hence the obsession with everything spray painted in gold, rose gold, silver, glitter - or vinyl-ed over with marble. Back in the golden days of French royals or even Romans, every bloody emperor would have his own private marbled out spa, probably even a marble toilet. But since this metamorphic rock costs more than my salary, I prefer a little cheat. Here's a marble cheat sheet for you! 

Buying marble home pieces can be very, very expensive. Even faux marble. As it usually works for any budget buys - more affordable alternatives are hidden in the interwebz of the online world. My favourite is Aliexpress (they sell not just clothes but literally anything from cutlery to a car engine, true story). For instance you can buy this absolutely stunning marble tap for some £50 including postage. Beautiful. Or these stunning marble mugs! Alternatively - if Aliexpress scares you a little (and I don't blame you), you can go on E-bay and browse there. I found this awesome classic black and white marble board for just £13.99!

If you can't find what you're looking for anywhere - just make it yourself. Grab a roll of self-adhesive vinyl - they sell it in Wilkos for about a fiver and vinyl up everything you find. Alternatively you can go very posh and buy yourself a gold & black vinyl here. So, so fancy! 

One thing I've been meaning to try for a while is nail polish marble-ing. You basically add a few drops of your favourite nail polish colour in a bowl full of water and dip items such as mugs and bowls in it. Tadaaah - marble effect. Right there. Read here for a full tutorial! 

Or if you're a lazy bugger you can enter the giveaway below and you might win yourself a phone case from Case App! Which means you could have the same beautiful marble case like me - or you could even design your own! The giveaway is open internationally and there will be one winner only who will receive a special code from Case App which will allow him or her get their own phone case for free! The winner will be contacted via e-mail by me. GO NOW! And good luck!

Classic marble
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Classic marble
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Classic marble
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Classic marble
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