falling leaves

Autumn's just so pretty, isn't it? And by autumn I mean the pretty autumn full of colourful leaves, burgundy lipsticks and mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows. No ridiculous downpours, hair tangling tornadoes and cancelled trains for there's too much rain & wind situation going on, no no no. I want to spend this autumn snuggled up in a furry blanket, doing some serious online shopping along the lines of burgundy and khaki green and watching my favourite movies. YASS

The autumn season in high street shops seem to be super duper lovely this year - I love the colours, the 80's/90's vibes, the simple cuts and mix of materials. My favourite shops at the moment must be H&M (erm, and when is H&M not my favourite store? you fool!) and New Look (yes, surprisingly the one I usually despise). I'm in love with the long duster coats (I might have already hinted it here), they just look so swanky and are unbelievably comfortable! I've also had my eye on a new colour addition to my wardrobe - khaki green; possibly in the form of knits and lacy dresses (maybe even a blazer dress - a trend which I suspect is yet another 80's/90's comeback). Oh and did you see the new Matalan shoe range? To die for! Yes, I just did say that about Mat'n'alan, ha! Add some crystal accents, deep wine lips & nails, and I think that could possibly be enough of fanciness to last me until Christmas. Possibly.  
Oh, how could I have forgotten about Woody? I'm probably one of Woody Allen's biggest fans, in all seriousness. I'm planning on writing a letter to Santa this year just to make sure he brings me the right DVD's, wink wink! C'mon how can you not love Manhattan and Annie Hall?!! 

Is there anything you've been eyeing in stores lately?
What team are you on - burgundy, khaki green, mustard, black or grey?