Library of fragrance

What a strange question she's asking, tut tut tut. Oh don't let the silliness of the question fool you, I'm indeed talking about a perfume which makes you smell like a sweet marshmallow roasted on bonfire. Nomz! And what is it? It's the new swanky Library of Fragrance cologne spray collection - or actually, it really is a whole library of all sorts of amazing, strange and mind-boggling scents from your everyday life dressed as a perfume.

Some might see this as a gimmick (which it kind of is), some will fall in love (because after all it's an extremely lovable gimmick which for all logical reasons you will just have to love) - but why? When someone asks you what your happy place is and what does it smell like, I bet your answer is not going to be Cavalli or Stella McCartney. It's going to be something along the lines of freshly cut grass, a summer thunderstorm, a cosy fireplace or a field full of butterflies and daises. Now this is the idea behind the Library of Fragrance - each and every of these 30ml bottles contains one scent of a thing or an experience from your everyday life. Because those (rather than elaborate concoctions of unknown laboratory origin) are things and moments that evoke happiness

I guess now you're gonna ask whether they can actually squeeze a smell of a cosy winter fireplace on a Christmas night into a little perfume bottle. And the answer is yes, they can. The scents I've got are Fireplace, Marshmallow and Gingerbread. And they all smell just like the said things (especially Fireplace - the first time I sprayed it - an unholy amount of it, what a fool - I swear I felt like I was breathing in a cloud of ashes)! Another little fact you'll appreciate about these fragrances is that you can (and you should) layer them. Here comes the magic of marshmallows on bonfire. Mmmm! Layering Fireplace and Gingerbread made me smell like a Christmas Day. And how could that ever be a bad thing?

Below you can see just a few scents from the Library of Fragrance range. I've been eyeing (and sniffin') Grass, Thunderstorm and Four Leaf Clover - they smell so lush together, like home (I grew up on a farm) and freshly cut grass on a rainy summer day! You can buy these in selected Boots stores for £15 a pop or £25 a duo. I say definitely go and give them a sniff, I can promise you you'll be addicted in no time! I've already started toying with the idea of making this my new collection (hoarder) thing, ha! 

PS: You can now win 28 of the best selling scents on the Library of Fragrance blog! WHUUT?! Click HERE!

Have you tried any of these scents yet?
What do you think about this rather unorthodox perfumery affair?  

Library of Fragrance