5 fun things to do on a rainy day

It's been bloody pouring it down in this country for how many days now. It's not even funny - the weather here in the UK just rubs it in your face like that - hey mate, it's no summer anymore, and it won't be until 2015. Le sigh. But you know what? This ain't bringing me down - I'm gonna use & abuse this rainy epoch, dig out my old Busted CD, sachets of hot chocolate & make a blanket fort. And do things that make me happy even when the sun's off to a different universe.

Draw a dragon & watercolour the clouds he's flying above
I've been getting into drawing & painting again, yes! My dad & my brother are so talented when it comes to art - they are both such brilliant artists! My brother is an abstractist – his works are mindblowingly stunning! My dad is a realist - he paints horses and birds, such a country bumpkin! What I enjoy the most myself is drawing tiny adorable dragons and then watercolouring the shiz out of everything around them. So therapeutic!

Play the War of Warcraft or online bingo
Just don't judge me, okay? I tend to steer clear of online gaming because once I get really into it, I turn into Penny in BBT Season 2 Episode 3 (yes, THIS). Nevertheless, I've already hinted (here) that online bingo is getting' more and more popular which is just fueling my curiosity. There are oh so many websites where you can play online bingo – and there are so many different types you can play, too! Yesterday I tried to play online bingo on MirrorBingo.com which is a particularly good one because it's run by The Mirror (you know – THE Mirror!) who are very much experts when it comes to entertainment. Mirror Bingo offers all different sorts of bingo (they run at different times, too - just like real bingo sessions), casino games (including roulette & blackjack) plus there's a chat room! It's always fab to have someone to talk to when you're a beginner, so the chat rooms are definitely my favourite feature of this website! Have you given Bingo a go yet?

Do a Bloglovin, Twitter & Instagram clear out 
...or even a Facebook one. If you're into that sort of stuff (having friends on Facebook is just so ancient, right?!). But seriously - I've done this the other day on Bloglovin - literally went blog by blog & unfollowed everyone whose last 5 blog posts didn't make me click through to read more. Cruel but inevitable. Just think about how much time you spend skipping blog posts that are just alright but you never click through to read the whole thing?! It's like shopping - if you're not head over heels in love with it, you don't need it in your life. 

List your whole life on Depop
Oh yes, that new thing, that Depop thing. It's so much easier to sell on Depop (and buy, unfortunately!) than on E-bay. I used to spend ages listing things on E-bay! Depop is literally just snap snap snap – sellin' this pretty skirt - click. Done. Listed. Bought. A tenner in your pocket in 3-2-1. I just think it's absolutely brilliant. Yes, there are scammers that will drive you bonkers. Yes, there are 12 year old's who want you to give them everything for free. But after all, you're monetizing things you don't use anyways so why not get that extra cash and get yourself a nice new dress, hey? 

Play fetch with your cat
No joke. Cookie is the best when it comes to pooping on my T-shirt playing fetch. There's definitely a little bit of puppy in his tiny cat brain. You throw him his favourite toy (a broken plastic half ball) and even if you throw it into the living room and run off, he brings it back. Sometimes when I throw it and run all the way to the bedroom & hide under the blanket, he still brings it & puts it in front of me on the bed. What a little catdog! 

What's your favourite rainy-day activity?

Or do you just sleep through it all?