Just about the only thing about it not being nice & sunny outside anymore is the coziness of my heater, a furry blanket & pretty berry shades. And maybe that you don't feel so terribly guilty when you spend a whole day watching a newly discovered TV show as it's chuckin' it down outside anyways!  

My summer-is-now-over philosophy starts with painting my nails the prettiest berry colour I can find. Today I painted my toe nails this beautiful dark blood red colour from Lola (it's actually called Rusty Red - link here) - it's such a fierce red shade and oh so glossy! From the same range is also the darkest lipsticks I've ever tried - Lola in Vamp (link here). It's just so incredible matte & bold, not even close to the colour it looks like in the bullet! It's way darker, for daily wear it's dangerously bordering on black. To stay in the lip product zone - I've been pleasantly surprised by the new Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains. They do look a bit flakey once applied but after a few second they seem to sink into my lips and create a lovely shiny finish. My favourite at the moment is the Parisian Passion shade (link here). It might be a bit of a give away that to me the best lip products are the Revlon ones because my third lip pick is the Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Crush (link here). It's the original formula - a minty taste with long lasting non-flakey colour, oh yes! As to the eye shadows - this might be a bit of an odd pick but it's the L'Oreal Color Infaillible in Burning Black (which is actually a deep wine colour, tut tut) - from Poundland. Yup - they're selling these in Poundland now, run run run! And finally - a blusher. This one is from MAC and it's called Gleeful. A subtle berry colour which doesn't clash with bolder eyes or lips.         

Talking about hibernating - the other night I watched about 7 episodes of the new series with Halle Berry - the Extant. Bloody hell - it's SO GOOD! It's a mix of a thriller & a sci-fi with a touch of dystopia. In a world where people are pretty advanced - they are able to build a humanoids capable of emotions, Halle Berry is an astronaut who was sent on a 13 month solo mission to space. When she comes back she's ... wait for it... pregnant. Is she pregnant with her dead ex boyfriend (who's played by Sergio Harford - definitely the new so-hot-it'll-make-you-cry guy, just sayin') or an alien? That's the mystery, muhahaa!     

Okay, so watching the Extant before goin' to bed wasn't the best idea I've ever had, as it gave me the crappiest dreams about aliens. Anyhow - have you read this post about how to improve your sleeping pattern & end up havin' better dreams? Well it didn't really work on that night - never mind - but as I'm really into dream apps, I discovered this - it's a beautiful video about dreams, you have to watch it - click here! I keep watching it and watching it and watching it.. It's so therapeutic! 

What are your favourite things about autumn?

Disclaimer: The Lola products were gifted to me for review purposes. Thank you Lola!