Beth Revis Across the Universe book review

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a book review – that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been my usual bookworm self though! Although I’m still obsessive over dystopian heroes, lately I’ve been sliding towards the sci-fi genre a little bit more than usual. If you don’t feel ready to jump straight into something like Solaris, then the dystopian/sci-fi trilogy Across the Universe by Beth Revis might be your comfortable not-too-brutal first call into the sci-fi land.

‘I never thought how important the sky was until I didn’t have one’

This quote very much sums up the whole story. A 100 chosen Earthlings are frozen and sent off on a spaceship which is supposed to reach another inhabitable planet within 300 years. Obviously that doesn’t happen and one of them – a pretty girl (doh!) wakes up a touch too early. She’s on the path of discovery of the new race of humans which has evolved on the spaceship when she falls in love (doh!) with the leader of the new society on this spaceship. A nice surprise is that there are A LOT of unexpected twists which make you want to keep reading & reading because each of the three books comes with a twist you just did not see coming and which changes the whole story line. Across the Universe is about society, racism, family values, love, aliens. You know, the standard dystopian hues with a dash of extraterrestrial all wrapped nicely in a well-written attention grabbing piece of work. I’m definitely sold! 

You can buy the Across the Universe trilogy here

Have you read Across the Universe?
What’s your view on sci-fi books? Do you enjoy reading them?