Everything about my hair
My hair's probably one of my least non-favourite (that's as close as I get to self-confidence, ha!) parts of me. Not sure whether I've mentioned this before but when I was 15 I decided to have my hair cut super short (this short). The worst mistake up to this date - I looked like an angry fugly tomboy drag queen gone wrong (no offence to any of the aforementioned - the combination of all these was just very unfortunate). And no one had stopped me either - no, I obviously didn't have any decent friends at the time! Now fast forward 10 years on - my hair is pretty decent - it has got its ups & downs (downs are usually caused by my laziness, oops!) but in general it's the one things that gets me compliments! This post is all about my hair & everything I do to keep it under control

First, let's do a recap of all the products I've been using:
Shampoo & conditioner: I'm not too fussed with my shampoo & conditioner - however I do have my not so secret favourites. For the past year almost I've been using the Garnier range of shampoos - they are really good for detangling my hair and keeping the moisture lock in. The conditioner I'm currently using is from a Memebox (click here) & it's called Kiss the Perfume brilliant hair treatment - I wouldn't say it's a treatment as such, but it does smell like daisies (really expensive daisies) which makes it a winner!  
Curling & straightening: I don't really straighten my hair as it's already dead straight but sometimes I curl/wave it with my straighteners. I usually use whatever hair protection there is (tends to be just a bit of Argan oil to be fair). As to the styling bit - I'm still obsessed with the Umberto Giannini range (read full review here) - their dry shampoo & hair spray are ace!   
Shine & health: I'm a sucker for nice smelling shiny hair, not gonna lie. For years & years I've been using the Tresemme ColorThrive leave in spray (smells absolutely gorgeous). Only recently I've discovered the Chill* brand - I've got their ed lush oil. This little oil makes your hair sooo shiny. You know that feeling when you leave hair dressers and your hair is not tangled at all and you have to keep touching it because it's so slick & lovely? That's exactly what this product does. Even Rihanna uses this on her hair (they say) and her hair's always so bloody lush, isn't it! If this brand's new to you as well - here's a pointer to their website.   
Little helpers: Bobbles, bobby pins, hair clips.. I'm still using my pretty kitten tin from Santoro London for my bobby pins - and I make sure it's never empty! (the dread of running out of bobby pins *shivers*). I've also been using the invisibobble invisible bobble thingy - which is not brilliant (at least I don't think so) but it's nice to give your hair break once in a while and tie up quite loosely without ripping out 50 odd hairs each time. Oh, and the Tangle Teezer. Obvs.  

What you can see in the picture above is my natural hair colour - not terrible but I've already bought some new hair dye to give it a try when I've got some free time on my hands. I've also got the lightening sunkiss jelly - anyone tried that?

Have you got any tips & tricks on how to take care of your hair?
What's your favourite hair style? 

Everything about my hair

Disclaimer: Some of these products have been sent to me for review, or were part of a beauty box, or I got as a present - thank you everyone!