into the wild
Aliexpress zebra dress // Michael Hill animal charms // TKMaxx cushion // TKMaxx candle // Crocodile purse // Gola Cyclone trainers // Cat lion hat // Mi-Pac pencil case // IKEA rug // Aliexpress lion swimsuit
Roarrr! Raise your hand if you're obsessed with anything animal print as much as I am! If I could I'd turn my flat into a Moroccan inspired safari lair with a touch of Californian industrial loft. My wardrobe would be a mixture of black & white monochrome with a heavy dosage of leopard & zebra print (I'm happy with faux, no animals need to die for my closet!) and a tad of Indiana Jones safari vibe (Is there an episode of Indiana Jones where he's on safari? Hmm). 

Can you believe this amazing (and very Zara-esque, I'm not gonna lie) zebra print dress costs just £9?! Well, I couldn't believe it either - that's why I bought it (hint hint - outfit post). It's absolutely stunning & super flattering on, you shall see! I also can't get enough of quirky swimsuits - as I've mentioned before I only recently started swimming (and by swimming I mean I go to swimming pool every Saturday/Sunday at 7am & try not to drown among all the pensioners who are doin' their weekend sightseeing swims - bless their heart, but damn are they dangerous!). By the way, have I mentioned that all the swanky swimsuits on Aliexpress are just £5? Go go go! My final Aliexpress pick of the day is the crocodile purse - I'm pretty sure it's a rip of of something so expensive I've never even heard of it. Nevertheless, it's a lovely purse & just that little bit more special than your average (read boring) black purse (and only costs a tenner so you might as well buy both). 
As to non-Aliexpress picks - I'm on a hunt for a nice pair of trainers and who could say no to a leopard print pair, right? And these are on sale, which makes them ten times more attractive! I also found these sweet little animal charms from Michael Hill which are an absolute bargain compared to something like Pandora - and they are super cute, too! Just look at them - the chubby zebra is my favourite, haha! Finally - how could you get yourself an outfit but leave out your fashionable kitty cat?! I've been promising Cookie this lion hat for far too long, faaaar too long. I think the time has come to make a move. ROAR! 

Lately I've been spending more & more time in the TKMaxx home section. They have some luuuush things there. Apart from the out-of-this-world-beautiful Moroccan lamps, I also found this exotic looking cushion - looks a bit like a snake print, does't it - and a woodlands inspired candle. I admit that the candle was made in the UK so it's not 100% wild safari style, but it's still very much atmospheric with the branch detailing on the glass! My number 2 interior design destination is definitely IKEA - it never disappoints, does it? Their furry rugs turn your flat into something rather sophisticated & even though their cheapest rugs (the white fluffy ones) are just a tenner, they still feel & look much more expensive than that! Finally - I came across this adorable little pencil case on Urban Outfitters' website. It's only £8 and I'm sure it can pass as a make-up bag for it looks quite roomy! 

What's your secret print obsession?
I used to love cat print but lately I've been goin' mad over wild cats! Meow!