Chocolate and cocoa for your legs
Chocolate & cocoa is definitely not kak, no matter what the picture above suggests, ehm. And although eating way too much chocolate might bring you out in spots & add a fold or two to your belly, chocolate & cocoa as such are somewhat miracle ingredients in the world of cosmetics. Let's have a look what they can do for your skin - especially for the irritated skin of your legs after you've shaved!   
There are multiple ways how to use chocolate & cocoa in your beauty regime. One of the most obvious (& easy peasy) techniques is using cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is brilliant for combating dry & sensitive skin. It keeps your skin hydrated (shaving, epilating and waxing can be often the reason why your skin is so damn dry) and battles against your stretch marks, and even scars (might be useful if you're quite razor-uncoordinated). You can either use pure cocoa butter or buy something like Palmer's body butter which is supposed to be one of the best cocoa butter body products out there. Costs about £2 & you're sorted! 

For those who are a bit more into DIY - here's a simple recipe for a smooth leg treatment - feat a lot of chocolate! Nom!

What you're gonna need:
⇢ 1 bar of chocolate 
⇢ 1 cup of milk
⇢ 1/2 spoon of salt

Add 1/2 spoon of salt to a cup of milk and stir. Heat up the chocolate in a pot until it's melted. Now add milk with salt into the melted chocolate. Voila! All you need to do now is to wait until the mixture is not too hot to touch (it can still be warm, that's fine), apply the mixture onto your legs and either just lie down & relax for 30 minutes or take a roll of kitchen cling film & wrap your legs in it loosely. Wash off & your legs are as soft as baby's butt! I've tried this twice now & it feels so pampering & lovely! Unfortunately haven't got any photographic evidence as slappin' chocolate onto your legs isn't a particularly photogenic activity, meh!

To read more about 'au naturale' ways of keeping your legs smooth read this article on Luxury Legs' blog, this article on how to make your own exfoliator or wait until next week & read more here!

PS: Kakao (hence KAK, doh) is a Czech word for cocoa - I got this cocoa powder from my mum for my birthday (oh the little things!). Thanks mum! 

Have you ever tried a chocolate mask or skin treatment?

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