MeMeMe Little Angels review benefit dupe
The weather's been so lush - even here in Birmingham! Apart from buying one too many pairs of shorts and sandals, it also means that you can whip out your favourite liquid blush tints and highlighters. They're probably the best formulas you can use when there's a high chance your face will turn into a sweaty mess by the end of the day. 

Liquid tints have got quite a reputation to be a little difficult to work with. That's not necessarily the case, though. Last summer I was using these liquid tints from Benefit which were brilliant but dried really quickly and stained streakily if you didn't blend them quickly enough. This summer I swapped the little Benefit bottles for bigger, more affordable and slightly less dangerous Little Angels from MeMeMe. They work (and look) very similarly - you apply the tint with a little nail-polish-looking brush and blend it either with your fingers or a brush. Because of the tintness, the product has got amazing staying power - the blushers stay put even when I splash my face with water! The Little Angels have got quite a wet formula which gives you enough time to blend the product nicely and evenly without the risk of streak accidents. They are slightly less pigmented than the Benefit tints which isn't necessarily a con - it's really easy to build up the product until you've achieved your desired intensity. 

Cherub's Blush: rose-red liquid tint for cheeks and lips, great for that oh-so-shy flushed cheeks 
Beat the Blues in Pearl Pink: liquid highlighter with cool under tones, perfect for lighter skin tones
Beat the Blues in Oyster Gold: liquid highlighter with warmer under tones, looks amazing on tanned skin, creates a real sun kissed look
Cupid's Kiss: pink liquid tint for cheeks and lips, ideal for glowing flushed cheeks

Overall I think these are brilliant for summer - they gives you this very flattering glow which lasts even if the rest of your make-up has melted away. You can get these on the MeMeMe website for £15 a set (which is less than what's you'd pay for a single bottle of Benefit tint - just saying, click here) or £5.50 each.           

MeMeMe Little Angels review benefit dupe

MeMeMe Little Angels review benefit dupe

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