Chemist Direct haul

I've been shopping a little bit too much lately. That might be a result of either the upcoming holidays or getting my first pay in a new job. Or maybe a combination of both. Plus me having quite an obvious shopping problem. This is a teeny weeny haul from a website called Chemist Direct - they offer quite a wide range of beauty, but also skin care, health, pet and other products for a fair bit cheaper than you'd get it in other online stores! They also seem to have quite unique products as you might see from what I've picked up.


La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50+ Compact Light (£21.99 £14.52, Chemist Direct): I've never actually seen this foundation before - and I thought I knew the range of La Roche-Posay pretty well, silly me! Either way, this product seem to be absolutely perfect for summer. It's a light foundation with medium coverage and SPF 50+ as well as an ultra UVA & UVB protection. And it's water-resistant! Like, what?! In summer I tend to wear BB creams with higher SPF or really light tinted moisturisers (or just SPF on its own really) but obviously there are days when I might want to add a bit more coverage. This product is perfect for those days. I've got it in shade light which, admittedly, is quite dark and yellow-toned however once you get a bit of tan and apply it just very lightly, it looks lovely, even on my super pale skin!  


Leichner Tinted Foundation in Blend of Almond (£6.49 £3.27, Chemist Direct): Yet another product I've never heard of before. Leichner is apparently a brand used by make-up artists in the entertainment industry (and by that I mean tv shows and photo studios, doh!). I haven't used this yet but it's really thick (and by really thick I mean REALLY THICK) and almost greasy (it's supposed to be super moisturising so should work for dry skin quite well). It's also really strongly scented - not sure whether it's lanolin what I can smell but it smells like a really rich old-fashioned moisturiser (something your nan might be using, haha!). We shall see whether that's a good thing or not. 


Clinique Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony (£16.99 £14.99, Chemist Direct): Finally - the infamous Clinique Chubby Stick. It's actually really nice and oh so moisturising - I'm not surprised so many people are in love with these! I'm still unsure whether I like the Clinique one more than the original Revlon one but I'll report back once I've decided on my favourite.

Social media icons Map Disclaimer: Chemist Direct kindly offered me to pick a few products from their website for review purposes, thank you!