La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I. review
La Roche-Posay is one of my all time favourite brands. Strangely enough, I'm quite a loyal customer so if I've used 3 products from a certain brand and they're all ace, I'm likely to go back and pick up another one. Or pick up the same one once I've run out. I'm so done & over with testing a new product every other day, phew! (I sound like I've been doing this for 105 years, haha!) And to prove my point here I should probably tell you that I've actually already done a review on Effaclar A.I. before (read it here) - which was in 2012 *whuut* so I figured it'd be useful to have an update on the packaging/formula/effects etc.

I'm fully aware that every blogger & their cat's been raving about Effaclar Duo as the spot treatment, but mate, it's not if you ask me. Effaclar A.I. is branded as a targeted break out corrector. Imagine a scenario (touch wood this won't be me tomorrow morning!) - you go to bed, your skin is all lovely, you wake up and you can see your chin (or any other part of your face - or even chest/back etc) getting slightly red and swollen and tight. You know what's coming *the dread*. By the end of the day it's absolutely clear it's not a mosquito bite and that it's not going away anytime soon. What to do now? Apply a pin head sized amount of Effaclar A.I. on cleansed skin - just on the spot and around it, go to sleep and wake up with a smooth baby bum like skin! BAM! No word of a lie, I've been using this product since I was 15 and had a terrible bout of allergic reaction/acne.

Over the years the packaging changed just ever so slightly, the formula, I believe, stayed the same - or changed just a little (it still contains Salicylic Acid), and is just as effective as it was those...10 years ago! (oh my god, I was fifteen 10 YEARS AGO?!) Effaclar A.I. contains a mix of ingredients which penetrate deep into the spot and dry it out from the inside (in very simple words) so it doesn't actually develop into the horrendous spot you've been dreading so much. In addition to this, it also reduces residual marks (blemishes) which is something I'm quite prone to. When I was 15 I used this for a severe bout of acne, when I was 18 I used this for pretty bad hormonal break outs when I first started taking hormonal contraception, now I use it every now and then when I get either a hormonal spot/cyst (doesn't happen too often *touch wood* but when it does happen it's bloody painful!) or a little bacterial infection type of spot (because I tend to touch my face more than I should - naughty, I know). There's always a tub of Effaclar A.I. in my drawer, always

You can get Effaclar A.I. from Boots for £9.50 (15ml tub). 

Have you ever tried Effaclar? A.I. or Duo?
Can you think of a product you've been using for 10+ years? 

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