Strappy heels - outfit ideas
Let's start with a question: what did women wear before strappy heels were invented? Seriously - what did we wear?! Surely not just court shoes. Strappy heels are the best heel shoe invention ever. They make your feet look absolutely stunning (in my opinion much more amazing than regular court shoes - even the pointy toe ones!) and you can wear them with anything - with tight jeans, baggy jeans, office wear, dresses, shorts. The list goes on. They're one of the most universal shoes - if you want them to look dressed up, they look dressed up; if you want them to look casual, they look casual (with a pair of boyfriend jeans or ripped denim shorts). I swear some people can pull these off even with sweat pants (proof).  

Apart from being pretty shoes esthetically, strappy heels are also incredibly comfortable (that is if you pick the right pair for you). My first pair was from Asda (believe it or not) and I absolutely loved it. It was (emphasis on the past tense here) the most comfortable work shoe ever (beating even my H&M courts, seriously!). Unfortunately, as it happens with too cheap to be true things - they broke. After a week or so. Literally fell apart. I may have cried a litle bit. Just a little. The clasp just feel off - somewhere in the office of 40 or so people (not awkward at all). Well, that taught me a lesson. My replacement is this beautiful pair from Clarks (see here) with a bit more detailing - glossy/suede combo finish. I like my strappy heels to have quite a thick sturdy heel because I need to run to/from train station every day and then walk around the office/to the town & back and wearing a needle shaped heel is just not an option. They are super comfortable and my feet don't even hurt at the end of the day! Till death do us part. Yes.

       Do you own a pair of strappy heels?
What's your go-to office shoe at the moment?

Strappy heels - outfit ideas
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Strappy heels - outfit ideas
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Disclaimer: Clarks kindly provided a voucher for me to pick a pair of shoes from their store. Thank you Clarks! Map