pink cream blush

Apart from those 5 pink blushers (read about them here), my spring favourite is definitely the new No7 Cream blush stick in Rose blossom. Cream blushers are a bit like Marmite - you either love them or absolutely despise them. I personally love them - but mainly for the spring/summer season. In winter I prefer using setting powder and thicker foundations which doesn't mix well with cream cheeks products, I'm not gonna lie. Now, according the the Met Office, the weather should be getting better & better (really?! *looks at the rain drops on the window*) which means it's time to dive into the world of cream products.

The packaging is cute & practical and just like with other No7 products, you get what you pay for (in the best way possible). The product is creamy and easy to apply without much difficulty (it doesn't streak and is easy to blend). It doesn't have the strongest staying power, but considering it's a cream products, the staying power is more than impressive - at the end of the work day you can still see a pink flush on your cheeks (not as intense as it was in the morning, but it's still there). You can apply it with your fingers or straight from the bullet and then blend it in with a stippling brush. 

There are 3 different shades available (plus a highlighter) and each costs £9.95 (you can get a No7 voucher though which knocks off £3, wohoo!). You can buy them in your local Boots or online here.   

 Have you tried any of these new cream blushers?
What's your relationship with cream cheek products?

pink cream blush swatch