spring 2014 picks from asda george
trousers // kimono // shorts // necklace // beach swimsuit // lion swimsuit // tunic

Lately I've seen the most unexpected from a number of high street brands - although, can we even call Asda George a high street brand? It's a bloomin' supermarket! Yet, their most recent SS14 collection is trendier & more eye-pleasing than those of let's say Topshop (oh yes, I said it - and Terri proves my point with her latest WTF Topshop edition - seriously, Topshop, WTF?!). These are a few of my most favourite picks from their new additions. 

Trousers £14
 Kimono £14
  Shorts £8
⇢ Necklace £10
⇢ Swimsuits £12
⇢ Tunic £8

Which piece is you favourite?
Do you buy clothes in your local supermarket chain?