fashion haul march 2014

As it seems, March proved to be the month of shopping. I haven't bought a LOT, but considering I don't buy much on a regular basis, this seemed like the biggest shopping spree of my life. I mean I'm in the process of job change - goin' from scruffy-uniform-every-day to a miss-corporate-24/7, so some wardrobe update is in order. After almost 2 years of wearing the same Tee every day (obviously, I had 7 pieces of the same T-shirts, I'm not that skanky!), I own 1 pencil skirt, 1 smart shirt (2 if you count the one with puppy print) and a pair of black bobbly trousers. Wohoo! Have a nose into what I picked up over the past month or so. 

Asos tees: Plain grey T-shirts, one with long sleeve, one with short sleeve. They're made out of this nice stretchy material and are both oversized, which makes them perfect for under the blazer - the ultimate casual corporate chic. 
T-shirt from Justin: As you know, Justin went to South Africa for a few weeks. And because I'm such a lucky lady he brought back loads of presents for me - wheheee! One of them being this uber cool graphic T-shirt with a lion on it.  
H&M sunglasses: I know, I know, I've got a pair of Rayban Aviators but I really wanted a pair of the multicoloured ones, too. They make me look like an angry fly, but who cares!
H&M bra: This is not really a bra. It's a bikini top. But because of the awesome shape and material, it makes for a really nice bra/top under tank tops and see through blouses.  
⇢  Asda kimono: This amazing kimono was a part of my Asda SS14 picks here. It's such a great quality & lovely material for the price, and I've wanted one for ages - works for both casual and smart outfits.
Zara handbag: Yup, this is the mini city handbag from Zara that everyone and their dog had bought about a year ago. But man, it's the definition of a corporate handbag!
Revlon 3 for 2: I also found a Boots that stocks sufficient amount of Revlon products to pick 3 for 2. I picked one of the scented nail polishes and two lip crayons. The dark berry one is so lush!
Violets: Violets remind me of home, we always eat them the most during Easter, so seeing these in TKMaxx was a no brainer.
Rodial skin tint: This little bad boy was discounted from some £35 to £7. Oh c'mon, how could I leave it there, especially when it was my shade?! I've only used it a few times so far but have to say that it's got some serious potential! Look out for more Rodial products in TKMaxx, they have loads on offer at the moment!
more SA presents: Apart from the awesome graphic tee, I also got some more presents - a bee wax lip balm, a cute jelly candle & an Africa-shaped pendant - awwwh!

What have you bought in the past month?

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