The best cream blushers review

One of the great things about spring/summer is that you can wear cream products on your face much more often. I mean, of course you can wear them in winter, but, in all honesty, most of them don't really mix with fuller coverage 'winter' foundations very well. In fact, they do mix. In the worst sense possible. Have a sneak peek into my stash of cream blushers and discover which are the best & the worst ones. 


Topshop cream blushers: Definitely the best cream blushers I've tried. They come in quite a wide range of shades (and Topshop seems to do their research in what colours are on trend at the moment, well done you!) and the packaging is adorable as well as functional (the pan is large enough to use with a stippling brush). They are easy to work with and stay put once applied. If the weather's just a bit too hot for them and they start to fade, you can reapply them easily with your fingers.
Illamasqua cream pigment: Although Illamasqua's cream pigments come at a higher price point, they are of an amazing quality. The one in the picture below (and above) is called Androgen - a peachy coral shade which you can use on both lips and cheeks! Just like the Topshop blushers, it's easy to work with and stays put for hours. The main difference is that the texture is slightly thicker than the one of Topshop blushers, so it's not too difficult to apply even when you're wearing a full coverage foundation. 
No7 Pop & Glow: Super easy to apply, and although the staying power is slightly shorter than of the ones above, it's still worth trying. It creates a pretty 'glowy' finish on your cheeks. Full review is here.

Liz Earle cream blusher: I can't decide whether this is a good blush or a bad one. The colour is really nice (it's called Camellia) and suits almost any make-up look, which is brilliant. What I find with this one is that with certain foundations/bb creams, it tends to fade really quickly. I'd say it definitely works better with medium coverage foundations, as they provide the pigment with something 'to grab onto'.
Dainty Doll cream blusher:  This one's not amazing, but it's not horrible either. The colour is really pretty (think Sleek Rosegold), but the staying power is a bit meh.
MUA cream blushers: Yet another temperamental product. These are super affordable (£1 a pop), which makes you forgive them a few whims here and there. The colours are nice, the application is easy, but the staying power varies a lot. I assume it's from batch to batch, or maybe a shade to shade - some of them are awesome, some of them are just plain terrible.     

Revlon Photoready: One of the worse cream blushers I've encountered. The pigmentation is non-existent and they fade really quickly.
Maybelline Dream Mousse: Officially the worst cream blusher I've laid my finger on. It's really hard to apply (creates streaks) and once applied, it starts sliding off my face. Literally. Yuk.

I hope you find this helpful - but as always, keep in mind that different skin types react differently in combination with different products - and that includes blushers, too. My skin is usually normal/dry. 

What are the best & the worst cream blushers you've ever tried? 

The best and the worst cream blushers