statement necklaces on budget
I'm a bit of a plain Jane - most of the time you'll find me in a pair of jeans/leggings and a plain tee, possibly a leather jacket or a plain blazer. To add a little bit of something extra to those boring outfits, I usually grab a statement necklace. My usual routine is to stick to one until it's worn to death & then move onto a new one - I call it the practical learning-how-to-stop-hoarding approach. The collection below is what you can currently find in my statement necklace stash.  

1 ⇢ Topshop (£3.50, sale): This is one of my sales finds from last summer. It's extra chunky and quite heavy on the neck but the colour spectrum makes it go with literally everything. It looks really nice with oversized jumpers, me thinks.  
2 ⇢ E-bay (£2): I'm a big fan of necklaces off E-bay, although I have to admit that their quality is somewhat questionable. Statistically, they're the first ones to fall apart. *sigh* Still, they are pretty and for the price, you can't really complain too much. 
3 ⇢ New Look (£7.99): You could have spotted this pretty floral necklace in my party essentials post here. It's quite bold and glitzy, so I prefer to wear it for nights/evenings out with a black tank top and black leather trousers. 
4 ⇢ Primark (£4): This is the most recent addition to my collection - I picked it up the other day on my lunch break, muahah. It's quite bold, but it'll look ace with a crisp white shirt.
5 ⇢ H&M (£4, sale): Although my friend keeps saying that I look like a caveman when wearing this, I really like it. It's sort of plain, but the colour gives it an extra attribute of colour-popness. I love wearing it with grey & white tops.
6 ⇢ Primark (£4): This necklace is old. And by old I mean it's in this post from Christmas 2012 and I remember it being quite old back then already. Because of the autumn colour I wear it quite seasonally - although it would look amazing against tanned skin with some earth-toned outfit. 
7 ⇢ Primark (£4): My personal favourite. I've had it for a year or two as well, but looking at the necklace, you can't even tell. It's such a great quality and structure and due to the neutral colour scheme it goes with pretty much everything. Well done, Primarni, well done!

Do you wear statement necklaces?
What's your favourite place to shop for them?

Statement necklace collection