first date outfit ideas
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Apart from the nice (if you live in the UK: slightly nicer) weather, spring also means longer days, shorter skirts & all things lovey-dovey. It also means that I may have got slightly carried away with spring/summer shopping lately *guilty sigh*. Look at the dresses though, they are gorgeous, right? G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Not that I bought all of them (I wish!), but I thought that maybe some of you might want to snap one or two as they are super affordable (I believe that none of them go above £25 and some are less than a tenner!) and they will make stylish additions to your date-ready wardrobe

Now you've got your outfit sorted - I recommend you go with a lighter, more natural make-up (ya know, don't want him to think that he's dating a different girl every other date), not necessarily high heels (even your converse would do if you're going for a walk in a park or going for a date trip to London), and a medium sized or a smaller handbag (don't want to scare him by admitting you are carrying your whole flat around with you most of the time). And you're ready for your casual spring/summer date.

Oh, oh no - you haven't sorted out where to go? Oh dear! 
If this is your first date and you're close to a cluelessness induced panic attack, then maybe you want to try the the perfect date generator - it's based on a an actual survey & you just input things like gender/age etc, it digests the information and spits our a perfect day for you two. Mine & Justin's was shockingly accurate - a proper touristy trip (what else would you expect from a tourism graduate), a Chinese takeaway (our standard date night attribute) and 50/50 when it comes to paying for the bill. I mean this damn thing works! Or, if you've been with the man of your life for well, quite a life time, then maybe of of my 30 lovey-dovey date ideas could give you some inspiration. 

What did you do on your last date?
And most iimportantly - what did you wear  
first date outfit ideas
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first date outfit ideas
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