Revlon China Flower review swatch
I really tried to resist - but they had a 3 for 2 on all Revlon products and you can't just walk past without picking some, dammit! Apart from two new lip crayons I also picked up the new scented Revlon nail polish in China Flower. Oh the new Parisian-esque bottles look so sweet, don't they?!   

Revlon nail polishes in general are of a great standard. They come in pretty large bottles, the design is just right for an adult woman (cute enough but not overly juvenile) and the nail polish itself is rather decent too. Actually, I'd say Revlon nail polishes are my second favourite brand, just after Essie! This scented nail polish in China Flower offers an impressive coverage (1 coat is just fine), it dries quickly and the shade is a gorgeous all-year-round red. Now you're probably interested in the scent - well, I shall disappoint you here. I can't smell it. I know you're meant to be able to detect the scent once it's dried, but - nothing. Just nothing. *sigh* Maybe I've got a poorly batch? 

Either way I think the nail polish is very much above-average on the drugstore nail polish spectrum and in all honesty, I don't really sniff my fingers that often, so I'm not too bothered about the scentlessness here. You can buy these in your local Boots and they cost £6.49 a pop. Make sure you choose from all the shades (24 altogether) - at first I thought there was just a handful of shades because my local Boots's a poopsie and stocks just a fragment of the range! Booo!         

Have you tried these?
And have you sniffed your nails with this nail polish on?

Revlon China Flower review swatch

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