Powder blushers for this spring

If I could have only one make-up item for the rest of my life it'd most definitely be a blusher. Not mascara, not foundation - a blusher. As you might know I have a soft spot for coral blushers, however baby pink blushers hold a rather special place in my heart. Below (and above, doh!) you can see a selection of top 5 blushers I love using - all pink & powder (with one sneaky exception!).  


Touch in Sol Dynamic Spectrum in Lovely Pink (Yes Style, £12.90): I guess you could call this little thing a palette - it comes in a sturdy black packaging (with whopping 18g of products - WHAT?!) with a massive mirror and contains 4 different shades - two are matte and two are shimmer, two are highlighters and two are actual blushers. You can use them separately as the product is large enough to allow you to pick up just half of the product on a brush, mix them together for a paler effect or sweep your brush across the product and pick up highlighter on one half and the blush on the other (almost like Benefit's Fine One One, isn't it?). The colours are gorgeous and stay on whole day without need to reapply.

MAC Semi Precious Rose Quartz (MAC, old limited edition): This is my first MAC Mineralize Skinfinish blusher and I'm head over heels in love with it. It's rather shimmery (almost glittery in certain light) so it's more suited for evening and night wear - still beautiful though without any doubt! 

Bourjois Blush Exclusif (Boots, £7.99): This is a bit of a cheeky pick as it's not your standard powder blush. Bourjois Blush Exclusif is a cream-to-powder blush with self-adjusting pigment which is rather unique. In the pot it looks almost white but once your fingers touch that white goo it turns into rosy pink. It looks different on different people and I found that it actually looks different even on me - depending on my body temperature etc. Maybe a bit of a gimmick but I enjoy the trickery!
Natural Collection in Pink Cloud (Boots, £1.99): Bargain of the day - as you can tell by the picture it's been loved very dearly. In all honesty - it doesn't stay on whole day, probably not even half of the day, but it's easy to throw into your handbag and swiftly reapply. The shade is so pretty though - true baby pink!

Clinique Baby Rouge (old collection, discontinued): If I remember right I picked this up in a carboot sale. The packaging is really small but the shade is super bright so you don't need to much of the product for vivid application. It's one of those blushers that screams 'apples of your cheeks' - literally makes your cheeks look like apples. In a good way.

What is your favourite pink blusher?
I'm tempted to venture into more pinkness so give me recommendations please!

Powder blushers for this spring