Do you feel absolutely knackered after all the Christmas & NYE eating? Well, I do. Justin even commented on it the other day like a real gentleman *sigh*. Apart from getting into a somehow healthier eating regime (got a new smoothie maker! *smoothie squeal*), you can do one thing to get that brighter look - a bright eye make-up. And by bright I mean fresh, not that you slap on a clown mask, okay? Here is what works for me.

Obviously prep your face with some foundation (probably full coverage since your skin is full of steak & potatoes induced spots, yuck!) & concealer to cover your nasty under eye bags. Curl your lashes with a good quality eye lash curler - I use the Eyeko one, as it doesn't rip my lashes out like some cheaper ones do, meh. Apply a thick black eyeliner to your upper lash line (with a flick if you're feelin' especially feline), add a thick coating of your favourite mascara (only to the top lashes, and make sure you're using one that doesn't flake or clump too much) and finally - the magic comes in a form of a white eyeliner on the inner waterline. This opens your eyes like nothing else, I promise! Here's a list of the products I used myself:

⇢ Eyeko eye lash curlers (£12, Asos)
⇢ Eyeko Liquid Metal eyeliner (£21, Asos)
⇢ Eyeko Skinny Brush mascara (£15, Asos)
⇢ MUA Intense Colour eyeliner in white (£1, MUA store)      

Cookie's advice: Just open your eyes more, doh!

What's your secret to a brighter look?

Disclaimer: I received the Eyeko products for review purposes. Thank you!