So I decided to brave the sales on Friday & let me tell you once thing - it was the biggest fail in the sales history. I don't know whether it was the shops or me, but there was no compatibility in my taste & the offers. When Justin came from work & saw the no-sales-luck depression, he took me to one retail park not far from us, which is just off M6 & not many people go there. BINGO - look what I got in the Outfit store - particularly the Topshop sales section

Leopard pony leather holdall (£80 £10): I don't think I've ever been so excited about a bag, and that's no lie. It's a real leather bag (I've never had one before!), exactly the right size for my iPad & a few bits & bobs I carry on a daily basis. The fur on it is so nice - apparently it's a pony fur, which is a bit freaky - does anyone know whether it's made of a real pony? 
Topshop bras (£18 £10 each): I can't understand how some women can wear Primark bras, I just refuse to get my head around it. They are so uncomfortable, it's unreal. Most likely designed by some evil misogynistic bloke. But then, maybe it's just my boobs, I don't know, but I just can't wear a bra that doesn't fit perfectly. Topshop bras do, they have no extreme padding & give you a nice natural lookin' shape. For almost half price I grabbed two! 
Midi rings (£4.50 £2.50 each): I've had a couple of these from River Island but they started goin' a bit manky so had to find a replacement. These two are super cute & were not super expensive either!

What have you got in the sales?
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