You might have noticed that over the past year I've developed a slight blog-induced Essie addiction (this was my collection more than a year ago, you don't even want to see it now!) . At first I absolutely hated these nail polishes, but every girl knows that there is a very thin line between hate & love, so the sides turned & I'm here harpin' on about my love for these little paint bottles like there's no tomorrow. Nevertheless, there's still one thing I hate about Essie - and that's the price. £7.99 (or even £8.99), what the flyin' feck?! £2.99 sounds way better to me! Cheers, Fragrance Direct, for all these Essie base coats for such a crackin' price!      

Essie Rock Solid (£8.99 £2.99, Fragrance Direct): Is my absolutely favourite base coat ever. No lie. Basically, my nails are absolute doggerz (too thin, basically like a paper, break all the time & are desert-like dehydrated 24/7). The only thing that gives them a bit of a break is this base coat. If you use lots of colour nail polishes, you need a good base so the colour don't stain your nails & don't 'sink in' too much if it makes sense. My nails have quite a few ridges & I just can't stand when the nail polish gets stuck in those, urgh! *pet peeve alert* Rock Solid will sort you out if you're the same like me! You can read a full review here.
Essie Grow Richer (£8.99 £2.99, Fragrance Direct): I haven't tried Grow Richer before, but I have read some rather impressive reviews about it - and if they're at least half truthful, then my nails will be transformed into alien claws before the end of January! *muhaha*
Essie Nourish Me (£8.99 £2.99, Fragrance Direct): This is a new one to me, too. I used it last night for the first time & have to say that it feels really nice on my brittle nails. Actually makes them stronger than Rock Solid does, which is a bit ironic. We shall see what the long term results will be, but I've got pretty high hopes!

 Have you tried any of the Essie treatments/base coats?
What do you think about them?