Yesterday I offered you some suggestion for very very affordable last minute presents for this Christmas. Today's bordering on the other end of the spectrum but then hey - these three products managed to change my skin within hours of using them - and that ain't no joke! That is the power of Yonka's Absolute Hydration clutch*, ladies!

This year Yonka came up with three beautiful gift sets - all come with a complementary clutch - which target three different skin troubles. There's a Vitality one, a Softness one & a Hydration one (which I've tried!). Each clutch comes stuffed with three products. My clutch had these three products: 

Yonka Hydralia Serum (£44): In all fairness, I'm not one to be too impressed by serums. I've tried a few & they were mostly sticky and yucky, not doing much to my skin. The only one I liked so far was Vichy Idealia (read a review here) which is a brilliant brightening serum - but this Yonka serum is a whole new level of awesomeness. It's a very runny product - and despite this strange consistency (which will take a few applications to get used to), it works magic when applied in the morning under your foundation. After the first application I actually got compliments at work on how fresh my skin looked! I could not even take that seriously. But even Justin said my skin looked really nice that day, and ever since - because I've been using it every single day! It is a pricey little toy, but it is well worth the money & I shall be buying a new bottle once I run out, there's no question about that.   

Yonka Creme 28 (£36): I use this face cream before I go to bed, because I find the texture is also very different to what I'm used to in creams - it's very thick and leaves a white overcast on my skin for a few minutes before it sinks in completely. It does have a strong lavender/herbal scent which is lovely for relaxation and helps falling asleep (I've had less nightmares lately, which might be due to a better diet, but also maybe the relaxing scent?). It keeps my skin super hydrated - no dry patches whatsoever! I would say it's a little bit stronger than this hydration booster beast

Yonka Masque No1 (£42, comes in a sample size): I've already reviewed this mask here, and all I can say is that the more I use it the more results I can see. It makes my skin slightly itchy when I apply a thicker layer, so I just use thinner layer and use it as a sleeping pack. 

Altogether for this gift set you're paying £80, which is on the very top end of my budget spectrum, but after testing these products for over a month, I can put my hand on my heart and say they are well worth it! You can get this gift set on the Yonka Shop website & from selected stockists.  

What's your favourite high end skin product at the moment?