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When winter comes around, our home becomes a refuge from the cold and darkness outside. It's therefore vital that your home is outfitted with an eye to comfort, style and making your living spaces as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. With a winter redesign in mind, here are some of my favourite picks from a site I came across recently; LuxDeco. To quote Sheerluxe.com the site 'brings together complete decor looks'; exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for this winter. 

Coupé Arc Floor Lamp
Monsieur T Armchair 
Eichholtz Telescope
Jeeves Pendant Light
Tux Chair
La Bohème Coffee Table 

The first piece to consider when putting together a living room decor is the centrepiece; think chairs and coffee table. The table acts as a gathering point for visitors, adds focus to a space and is useful for drinks, brunch or just relaxing around. The 'La Bohème' coffee tablefrom LuxDeco definitely fits the bill, the dark walnut and plush upholstery adding a sumptuous, warm feel to a room which is ideal for winter.

Next, complement the look of the table by adding some chairs to surround it. For something like the La Bohème, you'll want something low and comfortable which can sit a few feet away; let your legs have some room! Don't be afraid of splashing some colour or a daring pattern; something like the Stuart Scott Tux Chair would be ideal to liven things up. Then again, if you prefer a more classic styling, perhaps the Monsieur T Armchair would be more your speed. Tailor the seating to your personal style and with space permitting match luxurious chairs which complement each other and ultimately tie the room together.

Much of the mood of your room will be decided by its lighting arrangements. In the day, its fine to light up the whole room and dispel the winter gloom, but in the evening some more subtle lighting in the corner of the room can really make things feel cosy. A great choice would be the 'Coupe Arc' lamp; it's a minimalist piece which doesn't intrude into the space whilst adding some retro style. If you're feeling more fun, a gaming room or bar could benefit from lights like the Jeeves lamp; it's light-hearted piece which will add quirky charm to the room.

Finally, no space is complete without some adornment. A few accessories which reflect your interests will help to make a space really suit you, as well as making great conversation pieces. The Eichholtz Telescope is a lovely addition for the room of an avid stargazer, and would fit well with the dark tones of the La Bohème mentioned above. If you're not interested in astronomy, even some pillows or a throw rug would add some personality. Don't go overboard, though; it's easy to overpower a space with clutter and dispel the comfy feeling you've been building.

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