Do you remember the times when you were at primary school & spent every December afternoon walking around those 5 shops in your little town trying to find something for a pound that you could give your mum for Christmas? Errm, no? Just me then. I'm from a village, okay?! Nowadays kids have it so much easier. Not only that they get more monies, but good value products for a few pennies are not that hard to find anymore. Like, you can get a present from ALDI for the woman in your life (be it your mum, nan, or even girlfriend - if you're seriously on budget this year). These are my three top picks!

Lacura BB cream* (£4.99 for 50ml): I can say that I've tried a decent number of BB creams over the past 2 years. That said - I think I can tell a decent one from a total disaster. This BB cream from Aldi is well above your average BB cream from high street. For the price you're paying you're getting a light/medium coverage, a dewy finish & although the BB comes in just two shades, the light shade seems to be pretty skin tone adaptive, so it will suit quite a range of complexion tones. I would easily compare it to Oriflame BB cream (read review here), which has been on the top of my BB favourites for a while now. Haven't tried BB cream yet? This is the right time to pop into Aldi, hey! 

Lacura Daily face cream Q10* (£1.49 for 75ml): If you need a face cream that moisturizes & really are not bothered that it doesn't have snake venom or nano blur particles in it that will plump up your face so much that people might think you've just had a botox done or have been suffering from a bad wasp sting reaction, this is the product you're looking for. Doesn't promise to take you back to your 20's face, but it does hydrate and does leave your complexion baby smooth. My mum only uses products with Q10 & she's got a lovely skin!  

Lacura Pro-Vital hand cream* (75p for 75ml): Oh - my - God! I'm not gonna lie when I say that this hand cream is nicer than the L'Occitane one. Yes, I said it. Even expensive hand creams sometimes leave my hands greasy or feeling like I need to wash them straight away. This hand cream is so great - I put it on my hands, and I can use my phone/iPad straight away - no waiting around or wiping my already sweaty hands (do hand creams make your hands feel sweaty, too?) in my trousers. I cannot believe it is 75p. 75p. 75p!! How do other brands even justify some £20 price tag for a hand cream when you can get this lovely thing for under a pound? Obviously, it doesn't have the prettiest packaging ever, but hey - it is 75p, have I already mentioned that? Seventy-five-pee!     

Have you spotted any good deals in your local Aldi lately?
Supermarkets sometimes have the most precious gems on their shelves!