If you read my post on what I love about Christmas, then you know that I love Christmas decorations, and this year I made a little bit more effort. I'm not up for a very OTD Christmas, personally I prefer more traditional cosy feel. Let's have a sneak peek around our flat, maybe it'll give you some inspiration for last minute Christmas decor!

You can't really go wrong with fairy lights. And that doesn't apply just to Christmas, that goes for all seasons, really. Pretty lights here, pretty lights there, they create the ultimate homely cosiness! Our DIY sofa (read how to make one yourself here) has got a string lights base all year around, but it looks especially lush next to our swanky Christmas tree, me thinks! Our tree is nothing too special, it's just a pretty dark green tree with a random selection of decorations we picked over the past few months, and a set of straw decorations that we got from my mum & dad (straw decorations are a very Czech thing, I'd say).     

My mum & dad sent us a box full of Christmas presents last week (we were so excited, trust me) and one of them was this beautiful nativity music box! It's got a little wind up key at the bottom & plays carols! I think it's absolutely gorgeous, although Cookie almost pooped his pants when he heard it for the first time, haha!

When the cold weather hits, everyone's natural reaction is to wrap up. We bought a few extra throws & blankets lately - my favourite being this amazing tartan throw from Buy a Kilt. They have a wide range of tartan throws & blankets - the quality is amazing & it really keeps you nice & toasty (those Scots know how to work the cold weather, ay?!).  

Of course you have to have the obligatory bowl of nuts *nom nom nom* so you can make nutshell candle boats on the Christmas Day. Plus nuts are super healthy, so it's a right win win!

Do you remember my wall of happy memories DIY? For Christmas I took down a few photos from our trips & replaced them with all the pretty greetings cards we already got! Aren't they just uber sweet? Those little heart pegs are from the Heart of the Country shopping village (there are a few snaps from there here) & believe it or not, they were just a quid for a pack!

This little wonky-eyed birdie sits proudly in our potted plant on the table and is from Homebase for something like a pound, maybe not even that. It makes the boring pot a little more cheerful and reminds me very much of home. My dad would always put these birdies into pots with plants to make them more festive. He would sometimes get some other little gems, too - like little creepy clowns or bird houses, haha! Oh, the memories!

And of course - the Christmas presents wrapping! We don't really coordinate the paper with Justin, because he likes doin' it his own way - that means wrapping presents for me in his favourite wrapping paper. So I decided to wrap presents for him my way, haha! Ain't it all pretty though? I bought these little wooden tags from Wilkos & wrote little quotes on the back. Justin really enjoys his quotes and even made a little framed up picture with his favourite ones, so my guess is he's gonna like these! *fingers crossed*

And you obviously need a big fat cat puking out hair balls under your lovely Christmas tree. Well done, you fat prick, well done. 

Have you decorated your flat this year?
If you blogged about it, feel free to post a link below!