This winter is apparently meant to be uber cruel with temperatures droppin' low low low! As if the #UKstorms with all their tornadoes & hurricanes are not enough, ay?! My skin has already noticed that something is not quite right in the air so it has already gone through all the standard flakiness & dry-patchiness just like it does every winter. Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face Cream & Yonka Intense Hydration Repairing Masque No1 have been the products to give me at least a slight peace of mind (& skin). Here's a brief review of these two gems. 

Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face Cream* (£24, Balance Me website): This face cream is brilliant to slap on just before you apply your foundation & set out into the cold foggy morning. It contains Artctic Cloudberry extract (oh, how very apt for the winter season!), organic shea butter, vitamins, extracts from camellia, rosehip & kukui nut oils, and a whole load of other skin boosters. Balance Me claims that this cream creates a protective layer on your skin, which I can fully agree with - but do not imagine a thick coating on your face, the film is really thin and you don't even know you're wearing it! It keeps my foundation in place & my skin is still pretty damn fresh even after a day of working at the Christmas Markets, ho ho ho!   

Yonka Intense Hydration Repairing Masque No1* (£42, check Yonka website for stockists): You may have read about Yonka here, and my excitement about the brand still persists. This gel-cream masks gives you a massive boost of hydration ASAP. Yonka actually claims that the hydration is so dramatic that after an hour the hydration of your skin increases by 54% and after 8 hours it can go to unbelievable 96%. Your face could just burst with all the irrigation there, so don't go overboard, ya know! Now, seriously - I do have my doubts about this overly impressive percentage, but what I can say is that it does what it's meant to do - give your skin an immediate boost of crucial hydration. I usually use it as a sleeping mask - apply a thick layer after shower and wash it either just before I go to bed (after a marathon of a few Catfish episodes) or in the morning. You can wave goodbye to all the annoying flakes of dry skin, yes!
There are a few more products I have incorporated into my skin routine, which have had a significant impact on well being on my complexion - oh yes, I shall share these with you very soon! Apart from these brilliant skin boosters, I have changed my diet quite significantly, and have to throw it out there - my skin has never felt better, even people around started noticing the difference (and that's always a good sign, right?!). If you're interested what I've been stuffin' my belly with recently, let me know & I can share a little sneaky peek!

Has your skin been goin' wild in the windy weather?
Share your tips for moisture boosters below!