Five-minute hairstyles for busy mornings
As a kid I used to have long princess-like hair down to my butt. Or maybe even longer. I looked proper girly and cute. Then I hit some sort of mid-teenage crisis at the age of 15 and replaced my long Rapunzel-esque hair with a buzzcut. And let me tell you - if someone doesn't suit a buzzcut then it's me. Ever since I've been growing my hair out, rarely chopping off more than a few inches.   Longer hair definitely suits me more - what I also love about it though is the freedom to play it up with different hairstyles. I'm all for a milkmaid braid on day 5 (when, let's be honest, my hair looks absolutely rank), or a little jazzy ponytail with teased crown for evenings out. I ain't very good at sharing these with you though - that's where Amanda & her expertise comes in.

Hope you enjoy reading this inspirational hairstyling post by Amanda from The Right Hairstyles!

We’re afraid the most common Monday morning hairstyles are screaming about girls’ lack of time. Those mornings are dreadful enough - so why not treat yourself to a pretty hair style that will boost your confidence and make you feel happy throughout the day. Luckily, there are plenty of quick and easy morning hairstyles that will take you less than five minutes to make!

✂️️ Half up half down
If you want to you can start with teasing the top of your hair with a teasing brush, just a bit to add some volume. Now your hair is ready, take the front sections of your hair, a little above your ears, and twist them. Keep the left and right sections even. Use pins to hold them at the back of your head. You might even add a bright bow or any other embellishment you like. This looks especially great on long hairstyles.

Alternatively you can do the same thing with your hair but instead of twisting it you can braid your front sections. This way the look will be more elegant and cute. When you've finished the first braid, it's better to pin it where the braid ends, or if you have really long hair, just pin your right braid slightly further to the left side of the back of your head, and do the same with the other braid, so it will be slightly laying over the first one.

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✂️️ Tucked Chignon
This a little more sophisticated version of half up hairstyles. You start exactly same as before - take the front sections from the both sides, but instead of pinning them, tie them up into a ponytail and then flip it. Take the rest of the hair and make a regular braid, puff it up a little to make it more thick. As your braid is done, tie it and carefully tuck it under the top twist of the ponytail. The flip will hold your hair without any extra help, but if you want to, you can pin it on the top for security. This hairstyle will work great on a medium hair length.

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✂️️ Braided bun
Now this is extremely easy, and yet, it looks way more intricate than a two minute job. And it's not very common to see! All you need is to make a braid on the side (doesn't matter which one). You may pull some section a little out of it to make it more fluffy. And don't worry to make a mess - we are going to cover it up. Once you are done with the braid, tie it with a thin elastic and then twist it around itself in a way that it makes a bun. Use a hair tie with extra grip to hold it in place.

✂️️ Messy side bun
If you liked the braided side bun but that particular style is not appropriate for your daily life, don't worry. You can create a more polished look with practically the same side bun. Just this time you will need to use a hair donut. First you need to shift all your hair to one side, brush it well, so it's completely detangled. Now wrap the ends of your hair over the hair donut, fix the hair around it and start turning it inside out. Don't worry if at first it doesn't look pretty, just keep turning and you will see the result eventually. Keep doing it till the bun is firmly in place. If you have any fallen out pieces, just use pins to fix it and hide them under the bun. Your polished office look is ready.

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✂️️ Ponytails
Morning hairstyles can't be without at least a few examples of modern ponytails. So here are two easy but very unique ponytails.

✂️️ Flipped side ponytail
Move all your hair to your preferred side and make a ponytail. But don't tie it too strong, rather kind of relax and loosely. Now flip it. Get another elastic band and tie it a little lower below the flip and twist your hair inside out again. Do the same thing at least one more time. If you have really long hair, you can do more flips, as long as you like it. Such flips create an illusion of a fish tail making it look intricate whilst in reality it took only a few minutes.

✂️️  Simple twisted ponytail
Here we gonna make three ponytails however we will not start from the sides as usual - we will start from the top. You need to make three sections of your hair: one from the top, one from the middle and one from the lowest layers of your hair. And here is the trick. As you make the top ponytail, you flip it, now make the second ponytail, but flip the second and the first one together. Same with the last one, flip the third ponytail along with the previous two. Your hair is done. This hair style is pretty easy to make, but it looks complex and very interesting.

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✂️️  Bow
If you are wondering how to make a simple morning hairstyle that looks like you spent waaay more time on it than you actually did, here is a great solution for you. Let's make an easy version of a hair bow. First, brush your hair really well and make a high ponytail. Next, separate your ponytail into two even sections. Take one of the sections and start rolling it into the middle (to the ponytail base) from the endings. This way you are creating a big loop - try to hold it firmly together. As there is no place to roll, pin the bottom of the loop to your head. The most difficult part here is to keep it even and not let sections fall apart. But overall it's super easy and fast to make, and will take you just a few minutes.

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So as you see, when you are running late again, you will always look pretty and classy with these easy morning hairstyles you have just learned.

Five-minute hairstyles for busy mornings
Five-minute hairstyles for busy mornings

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